NVT Phybridge, Inflow Partner to Help Customers Modernize to IP

Inflow Technologies acts as the perfect link to connect NVT Phybridge to system integrators, resellers and customers.


NVT Phybridge, a global leader in long reach power over Ethernet, has formed a strategic partnership with Inflow Technologies, an established player in the IT Distribution service market serving India and South Asia. Inflow will begin offering the NVT Phybridge CHARIoT Series, a portfolio of long reach PoE solutions that help customers modernize to IP with ease. Inflow Technologies acts as the perfect link to connect NVT Phybridge to system integrators, resellers and customers looking to quickly and efficiently turn new or existing infrastructures into IP paths with power.

Customers trust NVT Phybridge CHARIoT solutions to meet their most demanding security and up-time requirements during network changes. The most powerful federal agency in the world, the leader in space research, local and state governments, Fortune 500 companies, leading hospitality brands, colleges and universities have all leveraged CHARIoT Series innovations to eliminate infrastructure barriers and successfully modernize to IP.

“The CHARIoT Series solutions are designed to eliminate every barrier during the upgrade to IP. Security risk and breaches during network refresh is a top concern,” said John Croce, CEO of NVT Phybridge. “Our mission is to help every customer first establish the needed IP platform and extended IP connectivity to places where people are able to do their best work – comfortably, efficiently, and securely. We are excited to have Inflow Technologies help us with our India and South Asia expansion.”

“NVT Phybridge is a global leader in Power Over Long Reach Ethernet (PoLRE), and we are delighted to have reached an agreement with them,” said Rajesh Kumar, VP Tech BU of Inflow Technologies. In addition to welcoming such a prominent global technology company to our family of vendors, we look forward to working together on a wide range of strategic projects.

Inflow has tremendous experience in the IT Infrastructure Distribution market and has a team of professionals ready to deliver some of the best distribution services in the market today. NVT Phybridge solutions provide new capabilities to your network to support devices and applications at farther distances. We see this partnership as an important element of our distribution network which will widen the reach of our products and solutions in the market, thereby making it easier for our customers to do business with us. For over a decade, both NVT Phybridge and Inflow Technologies have been engaged in enabling partners and customers to deliver and adopt new technologies, with major recognition from the industry.

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CS1000 to IP: Large Healthcare System Uses Modern LAN Principles to Deploy Over 900 Avaya IP Phones

Legacy communication networks suffer from limited functionality, which in-turn results in frustrations and inefficiencies for management and staff. These frustrations can have an extremely negative trickle-down effect on the customer or patient experience. A large healthcare system decided it was time to solve this issue; to modernize their communication network in several locations across the Northwestern US, including multiple medical centers, critical access hospitals, and medical clinics. In this case, one of the top concerns was operational efficiency, and the legacy CS1000 platform was becoming increasingly inefficient and extremely costly to maintain.

The major challenge in this modernization to IP was the physical network infrastructure upgrades. The process would be extremely costly, time-consuming, and complex, as each location would have to rip/replace/rebuild the existing CAT3 infrastructure with Ethernet. Additionally, extensive power and cooling upgrades were required in hundreds of IDF closets to support even more standard reach PoE switches. Upgrading the cabling and IDF closets would be extremely disruptive to business and would result in a significantly lower quality patient and visitor experience. These network upgrades left the customer frustrated and uncertain how to proceed, forcing the project to be delayed indefinitely.

The customer learned about NVT Phybridge, and the PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) switch. The PoLRE switch was the perfect solution. Not only does the PoLRE switch transmit data and power over CAT3 cable, it can transmit data and power over CAT3 up to 1,200ft (365m). This meant that the customer could leverage the existing reliable and proven cabling infrastructure to support the modernization to Avaya IP phones. Now each of the customer’s multiple locations could take full advantage of VoIP and PoE capabilities, fast-tracking the modernization to their new UC/collaboration solution.

This large healthcare system deployed over 900 Avaya IP phones without replacing the existing cabling infrastructure and without upgrading any IDF closets, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and with far less disruption to business. The IoT to the Power of Green recognizes this project for preventing extreme waste from ripping/replacing/rebuilding the network infrastructure, along with eliminating the need for extensive power and cooling upgrades to the IDF closets – and awarded the project a 5-star rating.

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Don’t let obstacles hold you back from modernizing to IP. Learn more about the PoLRE family of products: http://www.nvtphybridge.com/polrefamily/

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IoT Success Story: Kansai International Airport Successfully Deploys Over 250 Person Tracking Sensors Using Principles of the Modern LAN

Located near Osaka, Japan, Kansai International Airport (KIX) is one of the busiest airports in Asia and is now used as a gateway into Japan. In 1994, the airport was constructed to alleviate overcrowding at Osaka International Airport. Today, around 25 million passengers use KIX every year, which prompted the need for Person Tracking Sensors to increase operational efficiencies. The sensors would support passenger traffic flow, queue management, and service delivery management applications. Every modernization project is unique, with unique obstacles to be considered along the way, including time and budget constraints, business disruption, visitor and staff safety, and reach requirements of standard PoE switches. Using the principles of the Modern LAN, NVT Phybridge along with project partners were able to overcome these obstacles.

First Consider the Unique Characteristics of Each Physical End-Point

Each physical end-point in the Internet of Things requires a different amount of power and/or bandwidth to operate. Modern LAN principles state that these requirements should be the first consideration in any modernization project. The requirements of the end-points should drive network and application requirements of the entire system.

For Kansai Airport, the sensors range would cover 100 square meters and needed to be mounted into the ceiling. The international departure terminal ceilings had exposed steel beams as opposed to a closed ceiling, and even though the sensors could be mounted on the beams, there was no place to locally provide power or a switch to relay PoE. With the vast open spaces of an airport terminal, installing IDF closets every 300 feet (100m) would be complex, costly, and disruptive to business.

Consider the Environmental Impact of IoT Modernization Projects

There is incredible awareness about end-state environmental impact of IoT upgrades. There’s no doubt smart lights that turn off automatically when no one is around will save on electricity, but what about the environmental impact of the process of achieving that end-state? Do the ends justify the means, and what is the net benefit of the IoT upgrade when you “scorch the earth” to get there? IoT to the Power of Green is designed to fill this gap; to measure and certify IoT projects that consider and reduce the impact of the upgrade process on the environment. In our experience, we have found that environmentally responsible IoT transformations have a strong correlation to time and cost savings, both initially and on-going. Reducing IDF closet requirements and simplifying physical network infrastructures is both cost efficient and environmentally responsible.

Maximize Efficiencies to the Physical Network with Long Reach PoE Switch Innovations

It may come as a surprise, even to many in the business of the Internet of Things, that IP/PoE switches are no longer constrained to 300 foot (100m) reach limitations. NVT Phybridge offers IP/PoE switches with reach up to 2,000 feet (610m), six times farther than traditional switches. To put that into perspective, NVTP switches can reach up to 5.5 football fields in length. This was exactly the solution that Kansai Airport needed to overcome their obstacles.

The NVT Phybridge FLEX24 IP/PoE switch transmits network connectivity and power up to 2,000 feet, which reduced the IDF closet requirements for this project at Kansai Airport by 90%. This reduced the deployment time and minimized business disruption of the airport’s 24-hour operation. 90% less IDF closets compared to traditional PoE switches also resulted in less network complexity, less network maintenance, and a more secure network. The FLEX24 solution saved Kansai Airport over $75,000 and facilitated a more smooth and efficient deployment.

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Watch our two-minute modernization story about this project with Kansai International Airport:

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NVT Phybridge Expands its Solutions for Enabling the Modern LAN with the Launch of the FLEX8 Plug-and-Play Long Reach PoE Switch

NVT Phybridge expands its award-winning FLEX Family with the FLEX8 Long Reach PoE Switch, making it efficient and cost-effective for businesses around the world to move to IP and the Modern LAN.

The FLEX8 is a versatile, high-powered, enterprise-class solution with 8 downlink ports delivering fast Ethernet (100Mbps full duplex, symmetrical) and up to PoE++ (50Wper port) over multi-pair UTP for up to 2,000ft (610m) – that’s 6Xs the distance of typical PoE switches.

Unlike other Network Switches, FLEX8 Delivers Speed, Reach and Power, leveraging new or existing 1 pair, 2 pair or 4 pair UTP cable and can operate in standard mode (without an adapter) to 328ft (100m) and long reach PoE mode for extended reach to 2,000ft (610m). The FLEX8 switch auto detects data rate for maximum bandwidth and transmission distance and is equipped with a speed toggle which can be positioned to force 10Mbps when necessary to establishing a link.

“When modernizing to IP, businesses can now take full advantage of Modern LAN principles and avoid major traditional challenges as they look to connect IP endpoints to IP applications. NVT Phybridge designed the FLEX Family to help customers gracefully upgrade to IP eliminating the cost, risk and complexity that come with the 328ft reach limitations of standard Ethernet switches” said John Croce, CEO of NVT Phybridge “The FLEX8 is the perfect addition to help us expand our product offering, making sure we have a solution for every customer.”

FLEX8 was designed to make the modernization to IP quick, easy and cost effective by leveraging 1, 2 or 4 pair UTP infrastructure, it is an enabler of Modern LAN principles, and is IoTᴳ certified. As part of the FLEX8 launch NVT Phybridge is offering special discounts on the Flex8 Switch and all Flex Extender Kits.

Visit: www.nvtphybridge.com/flex8 for more information!

NVT Phybridge FLEX Extender Kits featured in SD&I ISC West Product Preview Section

To learn more about our FLEX Extender Kits click here, and come visit booth #11115 at ISC West this April!

FLEX Extender Kits Featured by Security Info Watch

The NVT Phybridge FLEX Extender Kits were featured by Security Info Watch!

The FLEX Extender Kits are robust, long reach 2- or 4-pair UTP PoE solutions that eliminate costs, disruption and complexity associated with deploying IP endpoints in far places.  When used with the FLEX24 Switch or the FLEX-Base Extender, the FLEX adapters can deliver 10/100Mbps (symmetrical, full duplex) and PoE (up to 50W) over 1- (needs local power), 2-, or 4-pair UTP/STP with up to 2,000ft (610m) reach.

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Come see us at booth # 1942 at Enterprise Connect 2018!

This year, from March 12-15 at Enterprise Connect, at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando – NVT Phybridge will share some new & exciting developments that will improve your communications and collaboration ROI.

Come and visit us at booth # 1942 to learn more about IoT(Internet of Things to the Power of Green), the principles of the Modern LAN, and for product demonstrations of the award-winning CHARIoT Series of Long Reach PoE switches!

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In Madrid? Visit us at Sicur 2018 from February 20-23 2018, Stand 10B01 – in Ifema – Madrid, Spain!

Come and meet our Latin American & Caribbean Sales Director, Antonio Perez, and our new EMEA Regional Sales Leader, Glenn Fletcher, to learn more about how our award-winning CHARIoT Series of Long Reach PoE solutions can save you time and money, all while eliminating the risk and disruption that comes with migrating to an all IP platform.

NVT Phybridge Appears In The Focus On Series!

NVT Phybridge was featured on Canadian Security’s Focus On Series. Healthcare Vertical Lead Julian Kennedy speaks about the benefits of migrating to IP with NVT Phybridge.

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NVT Phybride Featured in GIT Security EMEA!

GIT Security (leading EMEA magazine for Safety and Security), features NVT Phybridge case study, Multinational Food and Beverage Company Saves Millions by Using NVT Phybridge PoLRE Switches for Avaya IP Phones.” 

Click here to read the article and find out how to fast-track your IP migration with  the NVT Phybridge plug and play PoLRE IP-enabling solutions!