ET1801 – TBus® Single Port PoE+ Transmitter


The NVT Model NV-ET1801 TBus PoE+ Transmitter is a compact bus-architected media converter that delivers 10/100 BaseT Ethernet and PoE+ power via coax, UTP or 2-Wire or Shielded Twisted Pair cable. These transmitters are extremely simple to use, with no IP or MAC addressing required. Status LEDs indicate power and link connectivity/quality/activity for RJ45 and TBus ports.

The NV-ET1801 TBus Ethernet Transmitter is backed by NVT Phybridge’s award winning customer support, Limited Lifetime Warranty and advance replacement.

Tech Specs
  • Transmit 10/100/PoE+ BaseT, over Coax 8,000ft* over RG-59U; 2,000ft over 2-Wire/UTP; 1,300ft over Shielded Twisted-Pair*
  • Use with the NV-ER1804 (4-Port)
  • Powers PoE, PoE+, or High Power PoE cameras (or other PoE devices), up to 50 watt
  • Easy configuration, no PC required
  • Transparently supports all networking protocols (UDP, TCP/IP, HTTP, Multicast etc.)
  • Advanced 128-bit AES encrypted transmission and PoE+ power technology
  • Built-in transient protection; industrial temperature range

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The NVT Model NV-BNCA is an adaptor used by NVT’s IP transceivers to convert from BNC to 2-wire. It ships standard with the NV-EC1701U transceivers, but can be used with TBus products as well. The NV-BNCA may be used mid-span along a wire run whenever conversion between coax and 2-wire cable is required.

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BNC “T” adaptor

Male/Female Stand-off

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The NVT Model NV-CM2520 Male/Female Stand-off is designed for use with the Model NV-ET1801 Transmitter to allow it to be sandwiched between a camera and its mount.

1:4 BNC Coax Splitter Adaptor

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Allows up to four camera-end EoC transceiver coax cables to be connected to one control-end EoC transceiver. Sold separately as an accessory or as part of the NV-EC1701-KIT3 and NV-EC1701-KIT4.

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56VDC 60 Watt Power Supply

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56VDC 90 Watt Power Supply.

RJ45 to Screw Terminal Adaptor

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The NV-RJ45A RJ45 to Screw Terminal adaptor is wired in accordance with the EIA/TIA 568B wiring standard for structured cabling. This is the same standard that NVT uses in all our products. Please refer to the wiring/pinout diagrams for details as to how UTP conductors are landed on the screw terminal side and marked according to each input channel.

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