The modern classroom is becoming a more connected and digital experience with new technologies to enhance security, productivity, and learning. It started with computer labs for student use, smart whiteboards in the classroom, and digital textbooks in place of old, beaten-up books with notes and drawings from past owners.

Technology in the classroom has provided a fantastic opportunity to expand and improve the curriculum. Computer labs helped educators prepare students for careers in computer programming, accounting, design, and more.

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) provides even more opportunity to enhance education, from preparing students for future careers to improving safety and security measures. Internet-connected security cameras, blue light emergency phone terminals, and IP access control help make our schools as safe as possible.

However, infrastructure requirements continue to be one of the biggest challenges for educational institutions as they attempt to incorporate new technologies and IoT devices. Many operate in older buildings or on older campuses, making it extremely costly, complicated, and disruptive to rip-and-replace the existing infrastructure to support these smart devices.

Universities, specialized institutions, and school districts are simplifying the modernization to IP and the Internet of Things. Using Modern LAN principles and NVT Phybridge switch innovations, these institutions are transforming their existing cabling into a robust and secure IP backbone to support these intelligent, internet-connected devices. As schools try to do more with what they have, this no-compromise solution provides massive savings to ensure digital transformation projects easily stay within budget.

Originally published on LinkedIn by Steven Fair, EVP of Sales at NVT Phybridge

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