“Phybridge’s innovative IP solutions will provide NVT customers with the IP migration solutions they need,” said John Croce, CEO of Phybridge. “Backed by the proven reliable technology of both NVT and Phybridge, we hope to help customers migrate to IP with a robust solution that is cost effective and easy to install.”

Phybridge was the first company to introduce switch technology that delivers Ethernet and PoE over a single pair of wire, with four times the transmission distance of traditional Ethernet. Their switches permit system migration from traditional CCTV and telephone systems to IP based technology.

“Phybridge is bringing its pioneering Long Reach Ethernet technology into the security market which will allow NVT’s customers to move to IP with absolute confidence,” said Phybridge Founder and President, Oliver Emmanuel.

With over 400,000 global users, Phybridge switches are recognized and deployed by many organizations including Cisco, Avaya and Mitel, and are rapidly leading a new standard in power over long reach Ethernet.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada and stocking/sales/support locations in San Francisco, California, USA, London, UK, Mexico, Columbia and Singapore, Phybridge is well equipped to supply and support your application needs.

For more information, please contact John Croce at Phybridge at +1 (905) 901-3633, john.croce@phybridge.com or by visiting http://www.nvt.com or http://www.phybridge.com.