Large European Airline Uses NVT Phybridge Innovation to Improve Global Communications Upgrade

NVT Phybridge Case Study: European Airline

One of the world’s largest and most reliable airlines was relying on outdated analog communication systems that were unreliable and costly to maintain. The organization decided it was time to modernize to IP and centralize call management in each of its locations.


Each of the airline’s locations was equipped with its own locally managed TDM PBX. The organization wanted to take advantage of IP communication features while consolidating call control and centralizing voice management to improve efficiency. However, before the implementation could begin, infrastructure upgrades were required – starting with ripping and replacing the existing CAT3 voice infrastructure. However, the customer was concerned with this strategy due to:

  • Extremely high network readiness costs to remove and replace the existing voice network
  • Long deployment times and disruption to business
  • Operational inefficiencies caused by network downtime during the upgrade process

The customer was unsatisfied with the modernization strategy and halted the project to look for an alternative solution.


The customer discovered NVT Phybridge and engaged with one of their digital transformation experts to learn more. NVT Phybridge analyzed the customer’s objectives and challenges and recommended the PoLRE® solution. The PoLRE switch delivers Power over Ethernet (PoE) over any new or existing single-pair UTP infrastructure with reach capabilities up to 1,200ft (365m) – that’s four times farther than standard switch solutions.

The customer was impressed with the proposed solution but wanted to test the technology in one of its locations. NVT Phybridge assisted the customer in organizing a no-obligation proof-of-concept to test the solution in a live environment. In just a few simple setup steps, the PoLRE switch transformed the customer’s existing and reliable voice network into an IP path with power with more than enough bandwidth to support the new IP phones exactly where they were needed. The customer was amazed at the simplicity of the solution and how quickly all the barriers were eliminated.


The solution allowed the customer to overcome the critical challenges that had delayed their telecommunications project. The new centralized VoIP system was implemented in record time and without a glitch. The NVT Phybridge PoLRE switch innovation helped the customer and partner avoid the stresses, complexities, costs, disruptions, and risks typically associated with modernizing older communication infrastructures. The customer was extremely satisfied with the entire experience as they were able to:

  • Eliminate the various TDM voice systems and consolidate all locations onto a single IP voice platform with centralized call control and management
  • Reuse the existing voice infrastructure to reduce network readiness costs, accelerate deployment, and eliminate business disruption
  • Modernize to an IP communication system without risk or compromise

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