Communication is evolving rapidly, and the days of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) appear to be numbered. Several of the largest service providers are modernizing their infrastructure from legacy ISDN to IP, and ISDN will most likely be an obsolete technology by 2025. Organizations must prepare for the future of telephony.

Many notable European service providers are moving on to communication supported by Internet Protocol (IP), including Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, Switzerland’s Swisscom, and the UK’s British Telecom. The trend is clearly to move away from analog and digital communication. We can only assume the rest of the world will follow in the coming years.

The result? Many organizations are installing analog converters to connect their legacy phone system to the larger IP network. However, some organizations recognize the value of an all IP communication system and are modernizing their own telephony systems.

Don’t compromise, modernizing to the latest in IP telephony will give your workforce the communication and collaboration tools to excel.

Benefits of IP Voice

  • Collaboration: IP applications allow users to take advantage of video calls, conference calls, instant messaging, and more; encouraging collaboration and teamwork
  • Mobility: The modern workplace is highly mobile. IP communication keeps users connected in today’s fast-paced work environment whether they’re in the office, working from home, or at an industry event
  • Scalability: Increasing and decreasing users as business needs evolve is simple and cost-effective
  • Flexibility: Flexible deployment options for each unique business need, including on-premise, cloud, or UCaaS
  • Efficiency: Integrate your IP phone network with third-party applications, such as Outlook and Salesforce, to increase the efficiency of your teams

The common misconception is that organizations must rip-and-replace their existing cabling infrastructure to support these new IP phones. However, new Modern LAN innovation and technology aim to simplify this process, while providing a secure and cost-effective upgrade path.

NVT Phybridge solutions transform your existing and secure network into a robust IP backbone to support your new IP endpoints. Our customers enjoy accelerated deployment times, zero business disruption, and a separate and secure network path for voice.

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