Podcast: The Business of Technology Episode Four

The business of Technology Podcast Series Episode 4

John Croce, CEO of NVT Phybridge, says that despite the enormous benefits of a Cloud-based communication system, many end users are still dissatisfied. “I have noticed that many providers are dismissing d-mark to desktop,” says Croce. He says that when problems with the communication system arise, it can be difficult to determine whether these problems are a result of the devices, the application, or the network. Croce continues by explaining that there can be “…a lot of finger-pointing between the network provider and the Cloud provider, which does not help to solve the issue”. The end-user doesn’t know where the problem is, and shouldn’t need to know either. What is paramount is that the issue is resolved as fast as possible.

In this podcast, Croce outlines the idea of deploying a purpose-built, point-to-point LAN topology to effectively support hosted communication solutions. Many organizations are leveraging Modern LAN principles by Frost & Sullivan; building a physically separate network to effectively support the hosted solution. As a result, each and every endpoint receives the required amount of power and data, as these endpoints are not competing for bandwidth with other devices.

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