Julian Kennedy sits down with Doug Green from Telecom Reseller to discuss the challenges that healthcare organizations face as they modernize to IP voice, IP security, IP intercoms, IP TV and more. Kennedy explains, “the disruption caused by renovations results in the need to move patients during care, tent off areas of the facility for safety and take additional steps that are inefficient and impact the effectiveness of patient care”.

Kennedy continues by providing a solution. “The Modern LAN is about starting with the endpoint in mind and designing the network to address those specific requirements”. Using Modern LAN Principles and new PoE switch innovations from NVT Phybridge, Kennedy explains how he has already helped countless healthcare organizations modernize to the latest IP technologies without disruption. “NVT Phybridge is able to leverage the existing cabling that an organization already has to eliminate the traditional rip-and-replace requirement; thus eliminating the costly and disruptive construction work”. Learn more

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Doug Green Sits Down with Nick Kwiatkowski, Unified Communications Manager at Michigan State University, to Discuss His Experience with the PoLRE® Switch Solution

How did PoLRE’s long reach capabilities help you improve the outcome of MSU’s digital transformation?

How has PoLRE increased system reliability?

How else has PoLRE innovation helped MSU improve the outcome of their digital transformation?

Describe your overall experience with the PoLRE switch

How has the PoLRE switch performed since deployment?

How has PoLRE helped modernize communication capabilities on campus?


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Nick Kwiatkowski changed the conversation around traditional LAN design to improve the outcome for Michigan State University. Learn how Modern LAN design philosophies enable secure and robust connections between IP endpoints and applications.

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Richard Kasslack, Vice President of Sales, North America for NVT Phybridge discusses the benefits of applying Modern LAN principles. Richard talks about the success that organizations have experienced as they modernize to IP telephony and other IoT endpoints.

Read the whitepaper for yourself: “The Modern LAN: Rethinking Networking Design for the Modern Age”

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Julian Kennedy, NVT Phybridge Vertical Lead, discusses the Modern LAN and how it addresses the paradigm shift in network design for IoT in the modern age.

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