Podcast: Overcome the C-Suite IoT Dilemma and Easily Deploy IoT Solutions

NVT Phybridge Podcast: C-Suite IoT Dilemma

Podcast: Overcome the C-Suite IoT Dilemma and Easily Deploy IoT Solutions

NVT Phybridge CEO, John Croce, shares what he calls the C-Suite Dilemma in this episode of the NVT Phybridge podcast!

C-suite decision-makers know that organizations with IoT capabilities are more competitive and better able to adapt to today’s landscape – especially when considering the challenges presented by the current global health pandemic. However, these same decision-makers struggle with the financial, physical, and resource requirements needed to implement these solutions. This is the c-suite IoT dilemma.

Croce explains the root cause of the c-suite dilemma being “outdated local area network design principles that have not evolved with the times.” IT teams are using the same LAN design principles used in the ’80s when the only devices connected to the network were data terminals and printers. “Today, we look to connect all kinds of “things” within the Internet of Things using the same outdated thinking.

However, these modern devices have very different requirements and require a modern infrastructure to support them. These devices include Wi-Fi access points, IP communication devices, sensors, digital signage, and IP cameras. Supporting IoT solutions using traditional network design thinking has resulted in higher network costs, increased disruption, greater complexity, less reliability, and security concerns. This is the dilemma.

Overcome the C-Suite IoT Dilemma

In 2018, Frost & Sullivan introduced Modern LAN principles. These principles provided local area network design enhancements that incorporate modern Power over Ethernet innovations to address all aspects of the dilemma that decision-makers are facing. Frost & Sullivan suggest that organizations reuse their existing network infrastructure to avoid the traditional and outdated rip-and-replace upgrade model. This eliminates many of the previously-stated pain points, allowing organizations to deploy IoT solutions without high costs, unnecessary risk, business disruption, complexity, or security concerns.

  • Reduce infrastructure costs by up to 80%, allowing more budget to be allocated to ROI-driving IoT endpoints and applications.
  • Avoid the disruption associated with ripping and replacing the existing infrastructure. Deployment can be completed in as quickly as just a few hours, compared to months – or even years – using the traditional approach.
  • Reduce resource requirements with less cabling, fewer server closet updates, and less labor needed to deploy IoT solutions.

Croce continues by explaining that NVT Phybridge has had over a decade of success and has helped customers collectively save over $200 million in infrastructure costs while simplifying and accelerating their digital transformation projects. These customers include government agencies worldwide, the leader in space research, and many fortune 500 companies.

NVT Phybridge offers a no-obligation proof-of-concept, allowing organizations to test the technology in their own environment. This provides proof and peace of mind to the customer, knowing that the solutions will live up to their highest expectations.

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