Podcast: The Business of Technology Episode Six

In the sixth and final episode of the Business of Technology Podcast Series, John Croce, CEO of NVT Phybridge, explores the idea of “scope creep” and whether it represents a threat or an opportunity. Croce reflects on the crash of Nortel, from a leader in networking and communications equipment to an extinct company. According to Croce, Nortel is gone, partly due to scope creep. Croce reflects that today, many large voice providers with an extensive legacy customer base are losing market share. Selling communication is more complex, with additional stakeholders and decision-makers to consider.

What can we do about scope creep? Gain end-to-end control and bring a more compelling voice offering. Croce offers recommendations and discusses how NVT Phybridge innovations create a modernization path to reduce network readiness costs while delivering better reliability and quality of service.

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