Podcast: The Business of Technology Episode Five

What is Virtual LAN Segmentation, And How Does it Compare with Physical Segmentation?

As customers modernize from analog/digital to IP voice, whether in the Cloud or on-premise, voice is being layered on to a network not designed for voice. This can present a set of challenges, including QoS issues, poor performance and reliability, more complex network management, and voice and data teams at odds with one another. In this podcast, John Croce, CEO of NVT Phybridge, takes a look at these issues and then explores options. Croce quotes Albert Einstein, saying that “you cannot solve a problem using the same kind of thinking that was used to create it.” Croce challenges the notion that VLAN is the most effective strategy since VLANs are using the same thinking to solve a problem that created the problem. Physically separate networks may provide a better alternative. Croce outlines the NVT Phybridge approach that provides a more robust option with significant cost savings as organizations leverage existing infrastructure, compatible with major voice platforms, such as Cisco, Avaya, and Mitel.

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