How to Effectively Support A Cloud-Based Communication Solution – Part 2/2

In this second episode, Richard Kasslack and Doug Green discuss the trends and challenges that organizations face as they plan to modernize to a Cloud-based communication solution. Richard talks about the gap between what customers expect and what customers experience. Richard states “we’re started to see customers churning; moving from one Cloud provider to the other, when really the issue that’s causing the problem is connectivity.” Richard continues by saying “everyone’s swimming in the red ocean and ignoring the majority of customers that still have legacy TDM/analog systems in place.”

Richard continues by saying these customers say they feel abandoned. Providers will assess these environments and say they are not ready for a Cloud solution. Ironically, this is the blue ocean of opportunity. By using NVT Phybridge innovations, these “abandoned” customers that are being ignored can leverage their existing infrastructure to support any hosted communication or security solution.

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