NVT Phybridge is excited to announce that Arvind David has joined the executive team as the Director of Global Digital Transformation and India Operations. Working out of the corporate headquarters in Ontario, Canada, Arvind will facilitate collaboration and process improvement across all departments in the organization. Arvind will also lead the global marketing team; ensuring consistency and excellence between marketing, sales, and support teams. Arvind is excited to continue making the transition to IP and the Internet of Things simple, secure and cost-effective for partners and customers.

“NVT Phybridge is truly on the cutting edge of technology as enablers of the IoT movement and smart networking practices”, said Arvind David. “I am very excited to work with the teams here to amplify their efforts while bringing new ideas and perspectives from around the world.”

Arvind brings over 10 years of Engineering and Marketing excellence to his role at NVT Phybridge. In 2008, he graduated from Dr. M.G.R University Chennai with an Engineering Degree and worked as a Software Support Engineer for HCL Technologies where he served major international clients, including AT&T Internet Services. In 2013, Arvind worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Prodapt where he exceeded the expectations of his clients, including Coca Cola, Pfizer, Philips, Sears and Channel 4, as he helped create a zero-error environment for the customer.

In 2014, Arvind finished his MBA in International Marketing, with a heavy focus on Digital Marketing, from Ulyanovsk State University in Russia. Shortly after, he founded Cod3m Consultancy Services, a global IT service provider specializing in Digital Marketing, Chat Bots, Artificial Intelligence, website creation, and Mobile Application Development. Prior to joining NVT Phybridge, Arvind served as Chief Marketing Officer at JumpStartNinja Technologies where he headed the Business Development team; working closely with marketing and sales on in-house products. Arvind brings to NVT Phybridge a proven track record of success with expertise in business development, marketing strategy, consumer behavior, and engineering.

About NVT Phybridge

NVT Phybridge is a global leader in Power over Long Reach Ethernet (PoLRE) solutions, using Modern LAN Principles and SmartPathPoE technology to make IP connections simple, secure, and cost-effective. The award-winning CHARIoT series of enterprise-grade switches help customers simplify digital transformation and modernize to an IP-based network; leveraging existing or new infrastructure to create a robust IP path with power. NVT Phybridge is a North American-based technology company with global reach dedicated to practical innovation. Our number one priority is bringing innovative and affordable solutions to market that are technologically advanced as well as practical for the customer.

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