Podcast: The Business of Technology Episode Three

As a sales associate, we are delighted to make sales. But do we adequately consider the impact on the customer? Are we listening and thinking, or just simplify pushing and selling? John Croce, CEO of NVT Phybridge, compares selling to construction with the old adage, “measure twice; cut once.” Croce continues by saying we need to consider the impact of new technology on the customer, given their current state and environment. Croce’s team will consider:

  • Is the solution good for the customer? (or do we need to consider new innovation?)
  • Is my customer ready for the solution? (i.e. infrastructure)
  • How can I help create the best outcome for my customers?
  • Am I presenting a holistic solution that will support a long-lasting relationship with the customer?
  • Will the solution help me strengthen my brand value?

Whether you are buying or selling, don’t miss this podcast as we explore thinking and studying the client’s actual environment first before jumping in.

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