NVT Phybridge is now in Cisco Black Belt Academy

As a long-time Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, we are very excited to announce that NVT Phybridge is now on the Cisco Black Belt Academy!

What is Cisco Black Belt Academy?

The Cisco Black Belt Academy is an enablement framework that allows all Cisco resellers and distributors to learn how to effectively sell, deploy and support solutions to create better customer outcomes. The NVT Phybridge training academy includes presentations, brochures, video content, webinars, assessments, and more to help you learn about industry-leading Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions. We are excited to continue enhancing our relationship by assisting resellers through the Cisco Black Belt Academy.

Visit the Cisco Black Belt Academy, log in, and get started today!

Cisco Black Belt Academy is web-based and easily accessible, so you can work through the material anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace. Review documentation and video material as you work through the course to learn about the technology and how Cisco has used it to enhance customer experience worldwide. Review the key case studies and complete the relevant assessment to demonstrate your mastery of the content.

Improve Digital Transformation Outcomes

As you work through the Cisco Black Belt Academy content, you will learn about the PoLRE® (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) switch, which is available to Cisco and its partners on the Cisco Global Price List. The PoLRE switch delivers Ethernet and PoE over a single pair of UTP wire with up to 1,200ft (365m) reach, which is four times the reach of standard PoE switches. Deploy Cisco UC solutions using the customer’s existing CAT3 cabling infrastructure to create a secure and robust intent-based local area network.

Deployment is quick and simple and is achieved in three simple steps:

  1. Rack, stack, and configure the PoLRE switches.
  2. Connect the PoLRE switch to the customer’s existing network using the Amphenol connectors.
  3. Connect the Phylink adaptor and the new Cisco IP device and the endpoint location.

Get Started Today

Complete the NVT Phybridge training modules in the Cisco Black Belt Academy to get started. Your customers will thank you, as you will be able to help them deploy Cisco UC solutions without ripping-and-replacing their existing infrastructure, saving time, reducing cost, and simplifying the overall experience.

Want to join the program?

  • Go to Cisco SalesConnect and login with your Cisco credentials
  • Type Phybridge Black Belt in the search bar
  • Choose between the sales and presales tracks
  • Click the REGISTER button

Cisco Black Belt Academy

To learn more about Cisco Black Belt Academy, visit: https://bit.ly/2B2PfcL

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