NVT Phybridge Releases FLEX8 Power over Ethernet Switch

NVT Phybridge expands its award-winning FLEX Family with the FLEX8 long-reach PoE switch, making it efficient and cost-effective for businesses around the world to deploy IP devices.

The FLEX8 is a versatile, high-powered, enterprise-class solution with 8 downlink ports delivering fast Ethernet (100Mbps full-duplex, symmetrical) and up to PoE++ (50Wper port) over multi-pair UTP for up to 2,000ft (610m) – that’s 6Xs the distance of typical PoE switches.

Unlike other Network Switches, FLEX8 Delivers Speed, Reach and Power, leveraging new or existing 1 pair, 2 pair, or 4 pair UTP cable and can operate in standard mode (without an adapter) to 328ft (100m) and long reach PoE mode for extended reach to 2,000ft (610m). The FLEX8 switch auto detects data rate for maximum bandwidth and transmission distance and is equipped with a speed toggle that can be positioned to force 10Mbps when necessary to establish a link.

“When modernizing to IP, businesses can now take full advantage of Modern LAN principles and avoid major traditional challenges as they look to connect IP endpoints to IP applications. NVT Phybridge designed the FLEX Family to help customers gracefully upgrade to IP eliminating the cost, risk, and complexity that come with the 328ft reach limitations of standard Ethernet switches” said John Croce, CEO of NVT Phybridge “The FLEX8 is the perfect addition to help us expand our product offering, making sure we have a solution for every customer.”

As part of the FLEX8 launch, NVT Phybridge is offering special discounts on the Flex8 Switch and all Flex Extender Kits.

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