Modernizing Affordable Housing: Sustainable WiFi Upgrade Saves City $300,000

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Affordable Government Housing Complex Upgrades WiFi in Line with Sustainability Goals

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  • A government-operated housing agency in the Western USA wanted to modernize a residential building with over 300 affordable government housing units. The agency sought to deploy a new system of Nokia Beacon WiFi Routers to provide residents with access to high-speed, reliable internet.
  • The customer was concerned about the project’s impact on residents, as replacing the existing coaxial infrastructure would be highly disruptive to residents and extremely costly for taxpayers.
  • After a successful proof-of-concept, the reseller partner, MDC Low Voltage Systems, was confident that the NVT Phybridge CLEER24-10G solution would significantly reduce the project’s network readiness costs and improve the project’s return on investment.
  • The apartment housing complex deployed over 330 Nokia Beacon WiFi Routers while reducing costs by $300,000 and preventing over 4,300 pounds of e-waste, in line with its sustainability goals.


A government-operated apartment complex needed a robust network strategy to support high-speed WiFi access points throughout the facility but faced significant logistical and financial challenges. The housing complex needed to deploy Nokia Beacon WiFi routers throughout the facility without disrupting the daily lives of hundreds of residents, who would be affected by any significant construction or installation work. Traditionally, such upgrades involve replacing the existing coaxial cabling, which is a costly and extensive undertaking. The extended project timeline associated with ripping and replacing the existing coax wiring would not only prolong resident inconvenience but also delay the benefits of the new WiFi system. Given the large scale of the complex and city budget constraints, the financial burden of completely overhauling the wiring infrastructure was also a major concern.

The city that runs the housing complex was also focused on sustainability. Replacing the existing infrastructure would generate a considerable amount of e-waste, contradicting the environmental objectives. Finding a solution to minimize e-waste and improve the overall return on investment was a critical challenge for the customer.


To overcome network readiness challenges and improve the project’s return on investment, the reseller partner, MDC Low Voltage Systems, recommended the NVT Phybridge CLEER24-10G long-reach EoC (Ethernet over Coax) switch and organized a proof of concept to test the solution in the customer’s environment. After a few simple setup steps, the CLEER24-10G switch transformed the building’s existing and reliable coax-based network into a robust and secure PoE backbone for the new WiFi routers. The successful demonstration showed that the existing coaxial infrastructure could handle the new demands without major modifications, providing confidence in the solution’s performance.

The CLEER24-10G switch delivers up to 50 Watts of power (PoE++) and 10/100 Mbps symmetrical, full-duplex, over coax cabling with up to 6,000ft (1,830m) reach – 18 times the reach of standard switches. By using the CLEER24-10G switch, the complex could leverage its existing coaxial infrastructure to support high-speed IP data and Power over Ethernet (PoE) for the new Nokia Beacon WiFi routers.


The customer used the CLEER24-10G switch to reduce network readiness costs by over $300,000, deploying over 330 new WiFi routers throughout the apartment housing complex without high costs, disruption, risk, or complexity. The NVT Phybridge solution enabled the reseller partner to transform the customer’s existing network cabling infrastructure into a robust and secure PoE backbone for the new system, eliminating the need for costly and disruptive network infrastructure replacement. “NVT Phybridge provided quick and necessary support for this unique build out,” said Don Lodge, Partner at MDC Low Voltage Systems. “By delivering up to 100mbs to each unit using coax the project team was able to avoid replacing coax cable with ethernet. NVT Phybridge’s availability and execution were key to the projects success.” By leveraging the CLEER24-10G switch to complete the IP upgrade, the customer was able to deploy the new system of WiFi routers with minimal network downtime while eliminating the need for costly network upgrades that would disrupt the daily lives of residents.

The reseller provided an innovative and versatile solution to help the customer complete the digital transformation, resulting in an expedited deployment of the new WiFi routers. “The NVT Phybridge advanced technology and client support helped streamline the entire deployment process resulting in its overall success,” said Luke Pearce, Partner at MDC Low Voltage Systems. Residents were provided access to high-speed, reliable internet connectivity within the facility supported by the new WiFi routers. In addition, the customer furthered its commitment to environmental sustainability by preventing over 4,300 pounds of e-waste during the IP migration.

Enabling Sustainable Digital Transformation

In line with the city’s sustainability goals, the apartment complex used the CLEER24-10G switch to leverage the existing network infrastructure, preventing over 4,300 pounds of e-waste during its WiFi router digital transformation. This project aligned with sustainability objectives of waste reduction, energy efficiency, and ecological resilience by minimizing the need for new materials and reducing the carbon footprint associated with extensive construction activities. The CLEER24-10G switch provided immediate financial and operational benefits while reinforcing the city’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

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