Information Security – Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of Data Using Wired and Wireless Systems

In an ever-increasingly connected world, information security grows more critical by the minute

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Whether it is a cupcake shop guarding grandmas’ perfect recipe, or a multinational corporation protecting consumer information, information security is vital. As innovation drives convenience and ease of use, it is crucial to consider this impact on information security.

Every endpoint and network element can be a risk to this data. Organizations have the responsibility to ensure that customer and internal data are safe. Information is private, and we must make sure our data highways are as secure as possible.

Doing this requires an understanding of the ways that data can be compromised and subsequently protected. Wireless communications have become an area of growing concern. There are several wireless networking methods, including Wi-Fi, point-to-point relays, LTE5G, and technologies like Bluetooth and Zigbee.

Unlike wired solutions that transmit electrical pulses, wireless technologies create electromagnetic radiation that is broadcast through the air, like radio. Wired communications have been at the forefront of secured systems, given their physical attributes.

Information security can be broken down into Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of data. When dealing with each of these characteristics, wired communications excel in the following areas.

Data Confidentiality

Confidentiality is ensuring that collected data remains in your hands. No unauthorized person or entity should be able to gain access to your data. Physical obfuscation of signaling with proprietary technology can ensure that data remains secure, whether encrypted or otherwise. Wireless and more common communication methods are more likely to be intercepted or “listened to” than data traveling on wired communications.

Data Integrity

Integrity is ensuring that data does not become modified or corrupted from the original. Wireless communications that external elements or rogue entities can easily access are at severe risk of integrity loss.

Transmitted signals can be altered by factors like air pressure/density, external electromagnetic sources, and physical objects in the environment, such as buildings and vehicles. Additionally, man-in-the-middle attacks can compromise data security using wireless Stingrays or other spoofed devices.

Data Availability

Availability is ensuring that data is present when it is needed. Uptime statistics for wired communications have historically dominated the wireless space. The added vulnerability of signaling over the air struggles to match the electrical pulses’ security benefits over a dedicated medium like a data wire.

Improve Security with NVT Phybridge Power Over Ethernet Solutions

Information security is an ever-present challenge. While analyzing network options, consider the risk and impact of various elements and address it before it is too late. While some technologies may offer conveniences at the time of installation, other innovations may exist to help keep your data safe while facilitating your IP/IoT migrations.

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