Legal Information


NVT Phybridge Warns All Partners, Customers, and Stakeholders Regarding Potential Fraudulent Communications, Requests, and Misuse of Company Identity


In the wake of fraudulent messages concerning the IT industry, NVT Phybridge wishes to alert its partners, stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and all third parties that could be the target of such malicious solicitations.

NVT Phybridge has been made aware of instances of attempted identity theft designed to deceive current or potential company stakeholders through the use of fraudulent tactics. This notice is a reminder that valid and legitimate email addresses belonging to NVT Phybridge follow the naming conventions below:

Any communications received appearing to be from NVT Phybridge that do not follow the above conventions are not from NVT Phybridge and should be reported immediately to NVT Phybridge will not be held responsible for any harm and/or damages that may result from the fraudulent use of its name or reputation. Accordingly, you should employ an appropriate level of caution to verify the identity of persons corresponding with you. If you suspect you have received a fraudulent message from a correspondent purporting to represent NVT Phybridge, please contact NVT Phybridge to verify its validity. NVT Phybridge is implementing preventative measures in an effort to help prevent and/or combat these malicious tactics.

NVT Phybridge is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada; with regional sales managers operating throughout the United States of America, Mexico, Colombia, Europe, and India – as well as some regions within Asia and the Middle East. Click here for a full list of sales managers in each region.