Doug Green Sits Down with Nick Kwiatkowski, Unified Communications Manager at Michigan State University, to Discuss His Experience with the PoLRE® Switch Solution

Michigan State University (MSU) wanted to modernize communication on campus with a new IP phone system. However, infrastructure challenges and older buildings (many built in the 1800’s and early 1900’s) made it difficult to connect the new IP phones back to the application. Kwiatkowski and his team at MSU discovered the PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) switch, with SmartPathPoE™ technology, from NVT Phybridge which allowed the university to transform their existing voice network into an IP path with power. In this podcast, Kwiatkowski discusses his experience with the PoLRE switch and the benefits that his organization is experiencing thanks to the simple, secure and cost-effective solution.

Replicate the Success

Nick Kwiatkowski changed the conversation around traditional LAN design to improve the outcome for Michigan State University. Learn how Modern LAN design philosophies enable secure and robust connections between IP endpoints and applications.

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