NVT Phybridge EC10 Switch Used to Deploy Bosch IP Cameras Throughout Large Power Station

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NVT Phybridge Case Study – Power Station

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  • A large power station wanted to upgrade its outdated analog camera system with Bosch IP cameras, with minimal impact to existing infrastructure. However, the original Ethernet over Coax solution could not support the new IP cameras.
  • Reseller partner, VEI Protective Services, replaced the original solution with NVT Phybridge’s EC10 Ethernet over Coax switch.
  • The EC10 switch was quickly installed and connected seamlessly to the new Bosch IP camera system.


A large power station wanted to upgrade its outdated analog security system with Bosch IP cameras. However, the power station’s coaxial cabling was cemented underground. Ripping and replacing the existing cabling would cause structural damage, a significant increase in cost, and require months of additional work.

The reseller started to use an alternative Ethernet over Coax solution that did not perform to its specified capabilities and could not effectively support the Bosch IP cameras. There were several issues, including cameras consistently going offline. The customer needed a robust and reliable solution that could effectively leverage the existing coax cabling to support the new Bosch IP cameras system.


After considering the customer’s deployment issues, reseller partner VEI Protective Services spoke to the team at NVT Phybridge. The team was confident that the NVT Phybridge EC10 Ethernet over Coax switch would be the perfect solution for the customer.

The NVT Phybridge EC10 switch delivers fast Ethernet (100Mbps symmetrical, full-duplex) and PoE+ (30W per port) over Coax cable with up to 3,000ft (915m) reach – nine times the reach of standard Ethernet switches.

The power station was eager to try the EC10 solution and get their new camera system up and running, so they decided to move forward with the project.


The EC10 switch was deployed quickly and easily. The customer’s new Bosch IP cameras connected seamlessly and ran without any issues. The customer was now able to enjoy the benefits of their new IP cameras, including drastically improved image quality, exposure, and data security.

“We just finished our camera conversion, and it was a breeze! Everything came up with no fuss,” said Scott Bush, Project Manager at VEI Protective Services. “If this equipment stays up as well as our test unit has, we will be recommending NVT Phybridge products on all network to coax jobs in the future.”

The customer was delighted with the results of the digital transformation project, having used the NVT Phybridge E10 switch to:

  • Avoid the need to remove and replace the existing cabling, limiting disruption to the facility.
  • Significantly reduce infrastructure costs, allowing the customer to allocate more budget to high-quality Bosch solutions.
  • Drastically reduce project deployment time, as the solution was simple and fast to deploy.
  • Allow seamless integration with the existing security network.
  • Avoid over 300 pounds of cabling e-waste.

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