BASF Uses NVT Phybridge FLEX8 Switches to Deploy New IP Camera System

NVT Phybridge FLEX switches improve digital transformation for multinational petrochemical manufacturer BASF

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  • BASF, a petrochemical manufacturer, wanted to upgrade its outdated analog CCTV security system to a new TecTradeSolution IP surveillance solution for improved monitoring of its German production sites with Morpheus IP-cameras.
  • Major crosstalk issues led the customer to become extremely dissatisfied with the current Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch provider.
  • The reseller partner, TecTradeSolution, replaced the inferior equipment with NVT Phybridge FLEX PoE switches, significantly improving performance and reliability.


BASF, a global leader in petrochemical manufacturing with multiple European sites, needed to upgrade its outdated analog CCTV system at one of its massive German sites, housing over 2,000 buildings and 200 production sites. The customer wanted to deploy a TecTradeSolution IP surveillance solution to improve site monitoring and gain the ability to detect process anomalies throughout its production facilities and depots.

The company wanted to upgrade to IP surveillance but faced infrastructure challenges, as the old analog solution was running on J-Y(ST)Y cabling. BASF needed a solution that could leverage its existing cabling to align with the organization’s sustainability initiatives. An alternative PoE switch was used, which led to major crosstalk issues. This had to be replaced by a more robust network solution.


The reseller partner, TecTradeSolution, was aware of NVT Phybridge long-reach PoE switches and proposed the use of FLEX8 PoE switches and FLEX adapters for the IP upgrade. The NVT Phybridge FLEX8 Power over Ethernet switch delivers Ethernet and PoE++ over any new or existing multi-pair UTP infrastructure with up to 2,000ft (610m) reach. BASF agreed to engage in a no obligation proof-of- concept to test the technology in its environment. After a few simple setup steps, the NVT Phybridge FLEX8 long reach PoE switch transformed the customer’s existing cabling infrastructure into a robust and secure network for the new IP surveillance system, while eliminating the crosstalk issues.


BASF used the NVT Phybridge FLEX8 PoE switch to enable the new, high-resolution TecTradeSolution IP surveillance cameras for a seamless and highly secure deployment. The solution’s long-reach capabilities eliminated the need for additional IDF closets and solved the crosstalk issues the customer was initially facing while attempting to use an alternative solution. “Deployment using the NVT Phybridge FLEX8 switch was extremely easy, even at our longest distances,” said BASF. “There was no need for special training for the onsite assemblers and the product was quite literally a plug-and-play solution.”

TecTradeSolution was able to help the customer save both time and money while providing an innovative solution to solve the customer’s unique problems. The customer now enjoys the benefits of IP surveillance cameras, including improved monitoring, image quality, and the ability to detect process anomalies.

BASF was extremely pleased with the results of the IP upgrade, having used the NVT Phybridge FLEX8 switch to:

  • Eliminate crosstalk issues caused by a competitor’s networking
  • Use its existing network infrastructure to minimize operational disruption at the busy facilities
  • Reduce infrastructure costs while significantly reducing project deployment
  • Create a highly secure and physically separate network for the new IP surveillance
  • Achieve its goals of sustainability by minimizing cabling e-waste.

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