Eliminate Business Disruption During Your Digital Transformation

Eliminate Business Disruption

Business disruption is a major concern to organizations when planning a modernization to IP and the Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, it’s one of the largest barriers that prevent organizations from achieving their digital transformation objectives.

The issue lies when applying traditional LAN design to an IoT modernization project. The traditional approach to network design was established when PC devices were the only endpoints being connected, and therefore does not address the modern-day reality of connecting different types of IP/IoT devices.

The traditional approach involves ripping and replacing an organization’s existing network infrastructure to establish a Power over Ethernet (PoE) backbone to support IoT initiatives; causing significant disruption to staff, management, IT teams, and customers. The rip-and-replace process can disrupt business operations for months, even years, with on-site construction, network outages, and building modifications. So how can organizations avoid this headache?

The answer is simple.  Apply the Modern LAN principles developed by Frost & Sullivan and design a network that addresses your needs today and into the future. One principle is to consider new innovations in Power over Ethernet technology as well as network design philosophy. Long-reach PoE innovations, such as the CHARIoT product series, leverage single pair UTP, coax, and multi-pair UTP to create secure IP paths leveraging existing and new infrastructure. No need to throw away your existing and reliable wiring infrastructure.

For example, the PoLRE® solution allows organizations to transform existing voice infrastructure into a robust PoE backbone for new IP phones; eliminating disruption and network downtime.  PoLRE delivers data and power over a single pair of wire with 4 times the reach capabilities of a standard PoE switch.

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