Casino Modernizes Security with A Quick, Simple, and Non-Disruptive Digital Transformation

Casino leverages existing coax infrastructure to avoid disruption and long deployment times

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  • A casino in Puerto Rico wanted to deploy a new IP surveillance system but struggled with network readiness barriers.
  • The casino wanted to avoid laying new cable throughout the facility due to long deployment times and business disruption.
  • An Ethernet over Coax (EoC) innovation was proposed to overcome the customer’s digital transformation barriers.


A casino in Puerto Rico was relying on an outdated analog security system and wanted to upgrade to a modern IP surveillance solution. However, the casino first needed to overcome LAN readiness barriers to support IP cameras throughout the facility effectively.

The robust coaxial backbone supported the existing analog security devices. The casino was highly concerned with business disruption and the time required to install new CAT6 cabling throughout the building to support the new IP cameras. The organization was unwilling to partially or entirely shut down the casino for network remediation.


The reseller, EAS Systems, needed to find a solution to overcome the customer’s challenges before moving forward with the digital transformation project. EAS Systems discovered NVT Phybridge at a security expo and engaged with one of their subject matter experts for assistance. Considering the customer’s challenges, NVT Phybridge recommended the CLEER24 Ethernet over Coax solution.

The NVT Phybridge CLEER24 switch delivers fast Ethernet and PoE+ over coax cable with up to 6,000ft (1,830m) reach, which is 18-times the reach of standard Ethernet switches. EAS Systems was impressed and decided to move forward with the project, having found the perfect solution.

After a few simple setup steps, the CLEER24 switch transformed the existing coax infrastructure into a power-packed PoE backbone for the new IP camera system. Using the existing coax, EAS Systems maintained a physically separate network for the new surveillance solution, maintaining end-to-end control of the network with no impact on the casino’s core business network.


EAS Systems upgraded the customer’s security capabilities without a major network overhaul, while the customer enjoys better IP cameras, modern security applications, and the improved safety of staff and visitors. “The NVT Phybridge Ethernet over Coax switches provided a simple and quick solution to our networking challenges by combining existing cabling with state-of-the-art switching technology,” said Pedro Bonnin, EAS Systems. “We were able to satisfy the customer’s requirements while providing quality and reliability.”

The casino was impressed with the EoC solution and the outcome of the digital transformation project, having experienced incredible results:

  • An accelerated digital transformation project by reusing the existing coax cabling instead of re-cabling the casino
  • A straightforward deployment and integration with existing network equipment
  • The elimination of potential business disruption to avoid financial loss or a poor customer experience

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