An International Hotel and Resort Company Creates a Secure and Robust Surveillance Network Using NVT Phybridge Power over Ethernet Switches

The International Hotel and Resort Company was the world’s first luxury hotel brand. The organization opened its first hotel in 1949 and has since expanded across the globe to include a rich and varied portfolio. Each hotel has its own distinctive style, from iconic historic elegance to lavish resort destinations.

The organization’s luxurious resort in Cozumel, Mexico sits on a tropical Caribbean island surrounded by one of the world’s largest coral reef systems. Guests can enjoy the elegant beachside infinity pool, relax in the spa, or experience authentic cuisine at one of the many oceanside restaurants. However, the resort still required a robust surveillance system to ensure the safety of staff and guests.

The organization encountered several challenges as they planned the digital transformation. The resort had no existing surveillance system and needed to establish the necessary network infrastructure to support the Axis IP cameras. The organization was hesitant to consolidate the surveillance system and IP cameras onto the core business network, due to cybersecurity and network complexity concerns. There were also questions about how they would support the Axis IP cameras across the entire facility, given the 328ft (100m) reach limitations of standard Ethernet switches. The organization was not willing to disrupt guests with the construction of IDF closets and new cable conduits throughout the facility. Unsatisfied with traditional network design philosophies, the customer looked for an innovative solution.

Modern LAN Design

The Cozumel Resort discovered the NVT Phybridge FLEX24 long reach Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch and engaged with an NVT Phybridge digital transformation specialist to learn more. The customer was introduced to Modern LAN design, which helps simplify and accelerate IP modernization while creating a cyber-secure and robust IP-enabled network. The organization was impressed and decided to test the solution in their environment with a free, no-obligation proof of concept.

After a few simple setup steps, the award-winning FLEX24 switch delivered fast Ethernet and PoE++ using a single category 6 cable to 2,000ft (610m); six times farther than a standard PoE switch. The Cozumel Resort was impressed with the solution and decided to move forward with the Axis IP surveillance deployment, using the FLEX24 switch to achieve incredible results.

Create a secure and robust local area network

The organization leveraged NVT Phybridge Power over Ethernet switches to establish secure, robust, and point-to-point connections to each IP camera; significantly reducing the need for IDF closets across the facility.

Use new long-reach PoE innovations to maximize ROI

The FLEX24 switch helped the customer avoid installing unnecessary IDF closets and cable conduits throughout the resort. The solution saved the organization over $10,000 and reduced the overall deployment time by more than 50%.

Construct physically separate networks for dedicated IP applications

As organizations continue to deploy more and smarter devices, the primary data network has become increasingly complex, difficult to manage, and vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. By leveraging the NVT Phybridge FLEX24 switch, the Cozumel Resort was able to construct a physically separate network for the new IP surveillance system, ensuring a cyber-secure and simple-to-manage LAN solution.

Change the Conversation to Improve the Outcome

The International Hotel and Resort Company took a proactive approach to find new and better ways to support its digital transformation objectives in a financially and socially responsible manner. NVT Phybridge helped the organization change the conversation around traditional LAN design; leveraging NVT Phybridge PoE innovations to:

  • Establish a physically separate network for the new Axis IP surveillance system; ensuring the performance, security, and reliability of the core data network
  • Construct a simple-to-manage surveillance network with less complexity and day-two support issues
  • Reduce the overall deployment time by 50%
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by more than $10,000
  • Eliminate the need to install expensive cable conduits, while significantly reducing IDF closet requirements

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