North Carolina Detention Center Saves $200,000 During IP Surveillance Upgrade

Cornerstone Helps a North Carolina Detention Center Deploy a New IP Surveillance System Without High Network Readiness Costs, Complexity, or Disruption

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  • A North Carolina detention center needed to upgrade its surveillance system from an outdated analog solution to a new, high-resolution IP camera system, but faced high costs posed by costly re-cabling and network requirements.  They were also concerned with logistical requirements and business disruption to the 24/7 operations. 
  • The facility struggled with the reach and cable type limitations of traditional switches, with some runs reaching as far as 1,000 feet (305 meters) and required a PoE solution with long-reach capabilities. 
  • After using NVT Phybridge products in several successful IP deployments, Cornerstone was confident in leveraging NVT Phybridge’s Ethernet over Coax solutions to overcome the customer’s IP migration barriers. 
  • The detention center deployed over 150 IP cameras, using PoE innovations to reduce risk, complexity, the deployment time by 50%, network readiness costs by $200,000, and over 5,250 pounds of electronic waste to support sustainability objectives. The customer significantly improved its ROI while building a secure and robust network backbone. 


A North Carolina detention center needed to upgrade its surveillance system to a new, high resolution Bosch IP camera system across the entire 100,000+ square foot facility. The customer faced challenges in the planning stage due to the reach and cable type limitations of standard switches, including business disruption and high network readiness costs from re-cabling requirements. Ripping and replacing the existing, reliable coaxial cabling was not an option, considering the 24/7 operations. Network downtime could disrupt ongoing operations, leading to potential logistical challenges and inefficiencies. For example, critical processes such as inmate monitoring, staff supervision, and emergency response systems rely heavily on uninterrupted surveillance coverage. Minimizing downtime, cost, and disruption while addressing issues posed by reach limitations during the implementation process was crucial. 


Cornerstone Detention Products proposed the NVT Phybridge CLEER24-10G EoC switch to solve the customer’s IP migration barriers. Having successfully used CLEER technology in other areas of corrections including federal, state and county facilities, Cornerstone was confident in recommending NVT Phybridge solutions. The customer decided to move forward with the installation and in just a few simple set-up steps, the NVT Phybridge CLEER24-10G transformed the facility’s existing coax infrastructure into a robust and secure EoC backbone for the new Bosch IP cameras.  

The CLEER24-10G Ethernet over Coax switch delivers up to 50 Watts of power (PoE++) and 10/100 Mbps symmetrical, full-duplex, over coax cabling with up to 6,000ft (1,830m) reach – 18 times the reach of standard switches. The customer was amazed at the solution’s ability to complete the deployment quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Additionally, the CLEER solution would allow for minimized operational disruption, ensuring uninterrupted facility operations during the migration process. 


The deployment of the NVT Phybridge CLEER24-10G switches successfully modernized the surveillance infrastructure at the county detention center. By deploying over 150 new Bosch IP cameras, the detention center was able to gain the benefits of advanced monitoring including higher resolution and improved recording functionalities – allowing the facility to monitor activities and incidents more effectively within its premises. The NVT Phybridge solutions provided a secure network backbone for the new IP cameras while allowing for a significant reduction in cost for the customer. Repurposing the existing coax cabling infrastructure allowed the facility to avoid costly re-cabling, resulting in a cost savings of approximately $200,000. 

“NVT Phybridge innovations helped us overcome the customer’s network readiness challenges to significantly improve the project’s outcomes. We allocated over $200,000 in infrastructure cost savings to devices and applications and reduced the total deployment time by 50% to improve the customer’s ROI significantly”, said Mike Suriano, Regional Sales Manager, Cornerstone Detention Products. “Cornerstone has successful deployed this product in other aspects of the corrections market, such as federal, state, and county facilities – and the solutions have exceeded expectations.” 

The facility was most impressed with the NVT Phybridge solution’s ability to reduce deployment time by 50%. The streamlined implementation process ensured minimal disruption to the 24/7 operations, allowing the facility to maintain continuous surveillance throughout the migration process. As a result, the facility was able to seamlessly integrate the new surveillance infrastructure into existing operations, enhancing overall security and operational efficiency. 

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