El Paseo South Gate Improves IP Security Deployment with OC Tech Innovations and NVT Phybridge

NVT Phybridge Case Study: El Paseo South Gate

El Paseo South Gate is a large shopping center, located in South Gate, California. Guests visit to enjoy the shopping, food, and entertainment amenities while enjoying the stunning modern architecture and large outdoor murals.

El Paseo South Gate relied on an analog surveillance system that was installed in the late ‘90s. The system became increasingly unreliable and could no longer meet the organization’s modern-day security needs. The center tried replacing the cameras and the DVRs, however, this did not provide the ideal level of quality that was needed. El Paseo South Gate wanted to modernize its surveillance capabilities and deploy a new IP security solution.


Several challenges needed to be addressed before implementing the new IP security system. El Paseo South Gate wanted to deploy IP cameras to get complete surveillance coverage throughout the mall’s interior and in outdoor areas, including parking lots and the parking garage. Many desired endpoint locations were well beyond the 328ft (100m) reach limitation of standard Ethernet switches, and installing IDF closets would add cost and complexity to the project.

A Coax-based infrastructure supported the existing analog camera system. The customer was concerned with the potentially high cost, complexity, and disruption from ripping out the Coax and replacing it with a CAT6/Fiber backbone. Additionally, there was minimal cable route location information due to a lack of documentation from the original installation. Many environments, including the parking garage, had concrete walls, making re-cabling even more difficult. The customer needed an innovative solution to overcome its IP modernization challenges.


OC Tech Innovations (OCTI) met with NVT Phybridge at ISC West, one of the largest North American security events, and discovered the CLEER24 long-reach PoE switch. The enterprise-grade CLEER24 switch is an EoC (Ethernet over Coax) innovation that delivers Ethernet and PoE+ over any new or existing Coax cable with up to 6,000ft (1,830m) reach. That’s 18 times the reach of a standard Ethernet switch. OCTI connected with the local NVT Phybridge team and arranged a proof-of-concept to test the solution.

After a few simple setup steps, the CLEER24 transformed the customer’s existing and proven Coax-based infrastructure into a robust IP backbone for the new IP cameras. OCTI and NVT Phybridge worked together to deliver several pre-sale demonstrations for the customer to ensure it was the right solution for their needs. El Paseo South Gate was impressed with the solution and decided to move forward with the modernization initiative.


Reduced infrastructure Costs for Better ROI

El Paseo South Gate was completely satisfied with the entire experience. OCTI used the CLEER24 switch to enable several IP cameras, including those in hard-to-reach places, such as the parking garage. “The CLEER24 switch was especially helpful when connecting IP cameras on the fifth level of the parking garage”, said Behzad Faridnia, Founder and Chief Innovator, OC Tech Innovations. “These runs were originally done via encased conduit without pull strings. If new cabling were needed, this would have required a new surface-mounted conduit system to be installed.” OCTI estimates that El Paseo South Gate saved approximately $465,000 in infrastructure costs using the NVT Phybridge CLEER24 switch; a total cost reduction of 71%. “We are confident this would not have been possible without the NVT Phybridge EoC product line,” said Behzad. “The client is very satisfied as they were able to avoid costly trenching and unsightly conduit runs to install these new cameras.”

Simple and Fast Deployment

By leveraging the NVT Phybridge CLEER24 switch and avoiding the rip-and-replace process, the total deployment time was reduced by two months. “The NVT Phybridge solutions were easy to deploy,” said Behzad. “Their wide range of adapters allowed us to include multi-sensor and PTZ cameras (pan-tilt-zoom) with higher Power over Ethernet requirements while auto-negotiating PoE within the same system from the same switch.”

The slim form factor of the CLEER24 switch was easily incorporated into the customer’s existing rack and ensured plenty of open rack space for future expansion. “The NVT Phybridge extenders are slim and fit easily into the pole mount and enclosures where space is at a premium,” said Behzad. “The NVT Phybridge extenders are far slimmer than the other brands on the market.”

Simple LAN Design

OCTI consolidated all cable runs to the customer’s main server room without the need for costly intermediate distribution frame (IDF) closets. “This significantly reduced network costs for El Paseo South Gate and simplified network design as we utilized all original conduit runs, removing the need for costly trenching,” Behzad commented.

Superior Performance at Greater Lengths

The NVT Phybridge EC4 adapter can connect up to four IP devices over one long-run Coax cable. OCTI and El Paseo Plaza plan to add IP-based annunciators using the existing Coax cable runs and the EC4 adapter.

When assessing the customers existing infrastructure, OCTI found that many cable runs had several splices with BNC couplers. “At first, we were concerned that these splices would degrade the overall signal,” said Behzad. “However, the signal had no issue passing through, even with an 8-splice run.” The CLEER24 switch could support high-demand cameras at great lengths, even in the toughest environments. “Even when connecting the longest cable run, we had no issues getting the IP camera online,” commented Behzad.

Physical Network Segmentation

OCTI was able to maintain a physically separate network for the new IP camera system. This will enhance network security, reduce ongoing costs, and simplify LAN management. “For security reasons, the system is “air-gapped” with the Video Management System (VMS) acting as the middleman between the surveillance network and the local LAN network for other devices”, said Behzad. “The NVT Phybridge admin portal was easy to configure for alignment with the surveillance-only subnet.”

Industry-Leading Pre and Post-Sale Support

“Pre- and post-sales support were beyond the level we expected in terms of detail and personalization,” said Behzad. “This was a breath of fresh air as far too many companies disappear once the project is won. We appreciate the support and look forward to adding NVT Phybridge as our go-to solution for IP modernization projects. We are already exploring using other products for other challenges we are facing”.

About OC Tech Innovations

OC Tech Innovations (OCTI) provides full-service Low-Voltage Electrical, Information Technology, Surveillance, and Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) services to private businesses and all levels of Government Entities. Their priority is on providing exemplary customer service that exceeds expectations. OC Tech Innovations work with their clients to generate long-term creative solutions that save time, money, and energy by using a combination of hardware, software, and next-generation technology. By providing free workshops, custom presentations, and incorporating the use of Artificial Intelligence into their projects, they are able to provide a unique perspective on the world of today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow.

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