Fourteen IP Named Hospitality Partner of the Year

Congratulations to Fourteen IP for Winning the NVT Phybridge 2022 Hospitality Partner of the Year Award

Over the past several years, Fourteen IP and NVT Phybridge have worked together to help our customers, including Marriott and Hyatt, simplify and improve their IP migration projects by avoiding high network costs, complexity, and business disruption. Julian Kennedy sits down with Neil Tolley, CEO of Fourteen IP, at HITEC2023 to present the award and discuss how they bring industry-leading digital transformation solutions to clients.

Julian Kennedy (NVT Phybridge) – Hi Neil, thank you for joining me today, and congratulations on winning the NVT Phybridge Hospitality Partner of the Year Award! Can you share how Fourteen IP has used NVT Phybridge PoE innovations to enhance its service offerings for the hospitality industry, particularly its hosted solutions?

Neil Tolley (Fourteen IP) – Hi Julian, happy to be here, and thank you. Our partnership with NVT Phybridge has been instrumental in enhancing our service offerings. NVT Phybridge’s long-reach Power over Ethernet switches and extender solutions has allowed us to provide a more robust and reliable infrastructure for our hosted solutions. This has improved the quality of our services and increased the confidence of our clients in our ability to deliver top-notch solutions. The reliability and performance of NVT Phybridge technology have significantly reduced downtime, ensuring our clients can provide their guests with uninterrupted service.

Julian Kennedy (NVT Phybridge) – I’m glad to hear that we have been able to help Fourteen IP improve the quality of its offerings. Can you share a specific instance where our collaboration provided significant benefits to a client in the hospitality industry?

Neil Tolley (Fourteen IP) – Absolutely. One instance that comes to mind is our work with Marriott. We provided Marriott Hotels with a seamless and reliable IP migration by integrating NVT Phybridge’s robust networking solutions with our services. This significantly reduced network readiness costs and deployment times, allowing us to quickly migrate properties and huge resorts, minimizing disruption to the hotel’s operations and reducing labor costs.

Julian Kennedy (NVT Phybridge) – Marriott was a large project, and I’m very proud of the value we could deliver together. How has our partnership helped Fourteen IP deal with the unique challenges of the hospitality industry?

Neil Tolley (Fourteen IP) – Our partnership with NVT Phybridge has been invaluable in addressing the unique challenges of the hospitality industry. The security and reliability of NVT Phybridge networking solutions have enabled us to offer our clients a simple, secure, and cost-effective way to enable IP endpoints. This has been a critical requirement in today’s digital age, where guests and associates expect seamless and secure connectivity. NVT Phybridge PoE innovations have allowed us to consistently meet these expectations, enhancing our reputation as a reliable service provider in the hospitality industry.

Julian Kennedy (NVT Phybridge) – As you know, we are vendor agnostic, which makes it easy for our users to integrate our solutions into an existing network. Can you tell us about your experience working with other big brands like Hyatt and how our partnership has played a role in those engagements?

Neil Tolley (Fourteen IP) – Working with brands like Hyatt, Marriott, and many other independent hotels has been an excellent experience for Fourteen IP. Our partnership with NVT Phybridge has played a crucial role in these engagements. NVT Phybridge’s reliable and high-performing networking solutions have allowed us to provide hotels worldwide with the required high-quality service, ensuring their guests have the best experience possible. The cost-effectiveness and efficiency of NVT Phybridge networking solutions have also been key selling points.

Julian Kennedy (NVT Phybridge) – How do you envision our partnership evolving to continue supporting the digital transformation needs of the hospitality industry and appeal to other potential resellers?

Neil Tolley (Fourteen IP) – I see our partnership with NVT Phybridge continuing to grow and evolve as we work together to meet the ever-changing needs of the hospitality industry. As new technologies emerge, our combined expertise will allow us to continue providing innovative and effective solutions to our clients. For potential resellers, our successful partnership with NVT Phybridge is a testament to the benefits of collaboration. The success we’ve achieved together demonstrates the potential for other resellers to enhance their offerings and deliver superior service to their clients.

Julian Kennedy (NVT Phybridge) – Thank you so much for your time Neil, and once again, congratulations on your success!

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