Lanstar and NVT Phybridge Extend Ethernet and Wi-Fi Connectivity

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Enabling Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity at A1 Distribution and Concepts’ Warehousing Facility

A1 Distribution and Concepts, a prominent warehousing and distribution facility in Rome, GA, faced a significant challenge in extending their Internet and network connectivity from the front offices to the shipping office, spanning a distance of 750 feet. With the need to provide Wi-Fi access throughout the facility, they sought the expertise of telecom contractor Lanstar Voice and Data to find an efficient and cost-effective solution. This case study explores how Lanstar, in collaboration with NVT Phybridge, successfully completed the ethernet extension project, overcoming the distance limitations and empowering A1 Distribution and Concepts with an extended network and seamless wireless connectivity.

Project Overview: Extending Ethernet and Wi-Fi for A1 Distribution and Concepts

  • Project: A1 Distribution & Concepts, Warehousing and Transportation
  • Location: Rome, GA; Floyd County, in North Georgia
  • Size: 265,000 sq. ft.
  • Problem To Solve: A1 Distribution has 265,000 sf of floor space and needed Ethernet connectivity between their front offices and the Shipping Office in order to provide Internet and network – a distance of about 750 ft. This is double the range of Ethernet and Fiber was too expensive.
  • Products Used: NVT Phybridge FLEX-Base/FLEX-Link
  • Type of System: FLEX Family of Enterprise-Grade PoE Switches and Extenders
  • Time to Complete: 5 Days
  • Telecom Company: Lanstar Voice and Data, LLC, Rome, GA

A1 Distribution and Concepts is a leading warehousing and distribution facility situated in Rome, GA. With a sprawling building encompassing 265,000 square feet, the company required an innovative solution to bridge the connectivity gap between their front offices and shipping office, enabling comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout their facility.

The Challenge: Delivering Network Connectivity over a Distance of 750 ft – Twice the Rated Distance of Ethernet

The primary challenge faced by A1 Distribution and Concepts was the considerable distance of 750 feet that needed to be covered to extend their Ethernet network. This distance surpassed the standard rating of Ethernet, making traditional methods inadequate. Additionally, the cost of implementing fiber optics, while offering extended reach, proved to be prohibitively expensive for the client.

The Solution: Implementing NVT Phybridge’s Ethernet Extension Solution

Lanstar Voice and Data, a trusted telecom contractor serving NW Georgia since 1999, turned to NVT Phybridge, renowned for their innovative networking solutions. NVT Phybridge offered a cutting-edge technology that could extend Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) up to an impressive distance of 2,000 feet. This solution proved to be the ideal fit for A1 Distribution and Concepts’ requirements.

Implementation: Putting the Ethernet Extension in Place

To execute the project, Lanstar Voice and Data expertly pulled UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable through conduit, connecting the front offices to the shipping office seamlessly. The cable was meticulously installed, adhering to industry standards and best practices. To achieve the extended reach, NVT Phybridge’s Flex-Link and Flex-Base4 devices were deployed, ensuring reliable and efficient Ethernet extension over the substantial distance.

Thanks to the collaboration between Lanstar Voice and Data and NVT Phybridge, A1 Distribution and Concepts now enjoys an extended Ethernet network, providing them with a robust backbone for their operations. The successful implementation of the ethernet extension project enabled the facility to offer Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the premises, enhancing productivity and communication.

The customer expressed utmost satisfaction with the outcome of the project. The extended Ethernet network and the availability of Wi-Fi throughout the facility significantly streamlined their operations, enabling seamless connectivity for their workforce and supporting their digital infrastructure needs.

A Successful Network Transformation

Through the expertise of Lanstar Voice and Data and the cutting-edge technology provided by NVT Phybridge, A1 Distribution and Concepts successfully overcame the challenge of extending their Ethernet and PoE network. By leveraging NVT Phybridge’s Flex-Link and Flex-Base4 devices, the project achieved impressive results, extending connectivity to the desired 750-foot distance without the need for expensive fiber optics. A1 Distribution and Concepts can now operate with increased efficiency and productivity, leveraging a reliable and extended Ethernet network while enjoying comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage throughout their warehousing and distribution facility in Rome, GA.

Disclaimer: Content Repost

This case study is a repost, originally published by Lanstar Voice & Data, LLC. We are sharing this case study to provide valuable insights and showcase real-world examples of successful implementations of our solutions and their interoperability with Lanstar products. Please note that the content and information presented in this case study are the intellectual property of Lanstar Voice & Data, LLC. We have made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information; however, we cannot guarantee its completeness or current relevance.

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