Historic Hotel Eliminates Infrastructure Barriers and Deploys Wi-Fi Access Points

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Historic Hotel Improves Its Digital Transformation Outcomes Using NVT Phybridge Ethernet over Coax (EoC) Technology

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  • A historic property wanted to deploy Juniper-Mist wireless access points but struggled with infrastructure barriers.
  • The customer was not able to lay new cable throughout the building due to historic property preservation restrictions.
  • The organization used NVT Phybridge Ethernet over Coax (EoC) solutions to overcome infrastructure barriers, reducing project costs and deployment times.


A property management group needed to deploy Wi-Fi access points in one of its historically preserved properties. The building relied on an outdated Wi-Fi system and wanted to improve connectivity. The organization wanted to deploy Juniper-Mist wireless access points but struggled with high costs and infrastructure barriers posed by the historic building preservation laws.

Historic preservation laws often prevent organizations from re-wiring network infrastructure, opening walls, or changing a building’s structure to protect its iconic appearance. If renovations are possible, they are bound by strict regulations, which increase project costs, project timelines, and business disruption. “Rewiring means construction, which in historic buildings is a very expensive proposition,” said the project’s Network Architect. The organization needed an innovative solution to overcome its infrastructure barriers and modernize its Wi-Fi capabilities.


After thoroughly researching products available to solve the network and infrastructure concerns, the customer discovered NVT Phybridge Ethernet over Coax (EoC) solutions and contacted NVT Phybridge directly to organize a no-obligation proof-of-concept. In just a few simple set-up steps, the NVT Phybridge EoC switches transformed the customers’ existing coax infrastructure into a robust and secure IP backbone for the new Wi-Fi access points. NVT Phybridge EoC switches deliver up to 50 watts of power (PoE++) and 10/100 Mbps symmetrical, full duplex, over coax cabling with up to 6,000ft (1,830m) reach, which is 18 times farther than standard solutions. The customer was extremely impressed with the proposed solution and decided to move forward with the project.


The customer estimated that NVT Phybridge EoC innovations reduced network infrastructure costs by more than $60,000 and prevented over 2 tons of cabling e-waste, based on port count. “The NVT Phybridge switches cut [deployment] times in half by removing infrastructure complexity,” said the Network Architect. “NVT Phybridge made this project possible, regardless of cost. [The project] would not have been possible without the long reach EoC switches and the ability to pass PoE over coax.”

The historic hotel achieved its digital transformation objectives and met aggressive timelines while eliminating infrastructure concerns, high costs, and business disruption. The Juniper-Mist wireless access points provide robust and secure network connectivity to guests and employees throughout the property. “NVT Phybridge technology has expanded the types of properties we’re able to bring into our hotel portfolio as we are able to onboard them faster and for significantly less money,” said the Network Architect. “NVT Phybridge was the perfect fit for our requirements and essentially made the project possible.”

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