The Cloud is a shared pool of computer system resources that are accessed by users and organizations to achieve economies of scale. We like to compare the Cloud to public utilities.

Take power generation for example. It’s not up to each organization to produce and store the electricity needed to run the business. Organizations use as much power as they need and pay the service provider for the amount consumed.

Like the example above, the Cloud is a collection of remote servers that host and manage data and business applications via the internet. This removes the burden on each organization to install and manage multiple business systems.

Cloud-based services simplify IT management by offloading much of the installation and ongoing management of IoT applications. Service providers can achieve incredible economies of scale, while organizations experience efficiency and ease-of-management.

The Cloud provides convenience, scalability, and mobility to the modern organization. Employees can access their business applications from anywhere, whether they are working in the office, at home, or while travelling.

But how do we bring the Cloud down to earth? By establishing a robust and secure local area network to support the necessary IoT devices, such as IP phones, IP cameras, and IP sensors. These smart endpoints need secure and reliable ethernet and power; often requiring connection via long cable runs to the edge of the network.

Mitel StreamLine, with patented SmartPathPoE™ technology, helps organizations achieve a simple, secure, and cost-effective connection to their Cloud-based applications. Using Modern LAN principles, the Mitel StreamLine solution creates a secure point-to-point LAN topology that is simple to manage – just like your cloud-based solutions. Mitel StreamLine allows customers to leverage their existing cabling and infrastructures to support IoT devices up to 1,200ft (365m) away.