Ensure Your Cloud-Based IP Solution is Robust, Reliable and Secure

Organizations in all industries are moving to hosted, or Cloud-based, IP solutions for communication, security and other IoT applications. However, many organizations are faced with challenges as they attempt to effectively connect each IP endpoint to the application in the Cloud. The industry is starting to realize that the core issue has nothing to do with the endpoint or the application. The core issue is LAN topology and determining the best way to connect each IP endpoint to the D-mark (router) on-site, before connecting to the off-site application.

Cloud-based solutions are attractive because the organization doesn’t need to manage the application. The expectation is that modernizing to a hosted solution will be simple and quick. However, the Cloud provider is often not responsible for the local area network, leaving the organization with this large task. These LAN readiness requirements can significantly increase project complexity and risk – while stalling the deployment.

LAN readiness costs can quickly become the reason these projects are delayed, sometimes indefinitely. Many network providers will still recommend that the customer rip-and-replace existing infrastructure and layer the new IP solution onto the core data network. This requires a massive capital investment that the organization did not originally plan for. In addition, this approach negatively impacts the business through network downtime and brand risk from the disruption caused by the network overhaul.

Layering IP applications onto the primary data network also increases ongoing management costs and complexity for IT teams. This LAN strategy often results in system reliability and security concerns as more and more endpoints and applications are added. To effectively support a Cloud-based IP solution, it is critical to establish a robust and effective local area network strategy and topology.

Modern LAN Design – A Complete End-to-End Solution

The Modern LAN is an enhancement on traditional LAN design philosophies; developed by industry analysts at Frost & Sullivan. Modern LAN design synergizes the technological advancements of the Cloud with the reliability and performance of a robust and secure LAN topology. Modern LAN design solves the number one issue with hosted solutions; effectively connecting each and every IP endpoint on the local area network to the router.

Instead of ripping out existing and proven infrastructure, Modern LAN design suggests leveraging the existing point-to-point network infrastructure to create a physically separate network for new IP applications. This removes the tremendous capital investment needed to rip and replace the existing and proven infrastructure. Additionally, this prevents the need to layer voice onto the core data network; simplifying LAN management for IT teams.

The NVT Phybridge CHARIoT series of long-reach Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches enable Modern LAN design; allowing any organization to transform their existing network infrastructure into a robust IP backbone for any hosted solution. The resulting network is physically separate and point-to-point; creating robust and cyber-secure pathways for each device. These smart pathways ensure optimal performance and reliability for any Cloud-based solution.

Replicate the Success

Make sure your technology providers have considered Modern LAN design. It’s time to change the conversation to improve the outcome of your digital transformation. Click here to see organizations just like yours who have simplified their modernization to the Cloud with Modern LAN design and NVT Phybridge PoE innovations.

Mitel StreamLine helps organizations achieve a simple, secure, and cost-effective connection to their Cloud-based applications. Using Modern LAN principles, the Mitel StreamLine solution creates a secure point-to-point LAN topology that is simple to manage – just like your cloud-based solutions. Mitel StreamLine allows customers to leverage their existing cabling and infrastructures to support IoT devices up to 1,200ft (365m) away.

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