New York Skyscraper Modernizes Surveillance Without High Network Costs or Complexity

New York Skyscraper

New York Skyscraper Uses FLEX24-10G to Save Over $90,000 During IP Surveillance Deployment

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  • A New York skyscraper needed to upgrade its surveillance capabilities for enhanced security and improved monitoring capabilities but faced barriers due to high costs and business disruption.
  • The customer was concerned with the IP upgrade’s impact on the core network, which was physically separate.
  • After a successful proof-of-concept, the customer was confident that the NVT Phybridge FLEX24-10G solution would improve the IP migration project.
  • The skyscraper deployed over 250 IP surveillance cameras while eliminating over 3,200 pounds of cabling e-waste and reducing costs by over $90,000.


An iconic skyscraper in the New York city skyline needed to replace its outdated analog surveillance system with a new high-resolution IP camera solution for improved security and monitoring throughout the facility. However, long reach requirements and traditional PoE switch reach and cable type limitations would require the customer to rip and replace the existing infrastructure which would result in high costs, risk, and business disruption. The customer was also very concerned with the impact on the core network, which was physically separate and had limitations in terms of bandwidth and scalability. The customer needed a solution to resolve these issues and enable a smooth transition to IP surveillance.


The reseller partner had used NVT Phybridge networking innovations in the past with great success and recommended the NVT Phybridge FLEX24-10G long-reach PoE switch. The reseller was confident in recommending NVT Phybridge Power over Ethernet solutions and organized a Proof of Concept (POC) to test the solution in the customer’s environment.

After a few simple setup steps, the FLEX24-10G transformed the existing and reliable network cabling into a robust and secure PoE backbone for the new IP cameras. The FLEX24-10G switch is the most versatile PoE switch on the market and delivers up to 50 Watts of power (PoE++) and 10/100/1000 Mbps symmetrical, full-duplex, over 2 or 4 pair UTP (unshielded twisted pairs) cabling with up to 2,000ft (610m) reach. The customer was confident in the solution’s ability to solve the IP migration barriers.


The customer used the FLEX24-10G switch to reduce network readiness costs by over $90,000 to deploy over 250 new IP cameras throughout the skyscraper while reducing risk, complexity, and disruption. The NVT Phybridge solution enabled the reseller partner to transform the customer’s existing network cabling infrastructure into a robust and secure PoE backbone for the new system, eliminating the need for additional IDF closets. By leveraging the FLEX24-10G switch to complete the IP upgrade the customer was able to deploy the new IP surveillance system with minimal network downtime, while eliminating the need for costly re-cabling and establishing a physically separate network for the new, high resolution IP camera system.

By providing an innovative and versatile solution to help the customer save both time and money, the reseller was able to expedite deployment timelines and enhance security and monitoring capabilities, ensuring a safer environment within the skyscraper. In addition, the customer furthered its commitment to environmental sustainability by preventing over 3,200 pounds of e-waste during the IP upgrade. The customer now has access to advanced security and monitoring capabilities, ensuring a safer environment within the facility.

Enabling Sustainable Digital Transformation

The customer values revitalization and renewal. Smart technology and continuous improvement allow the customer to use more clean energy, more efficiently than ever. Additionally, the facility was designed with world-class sustainable design principles and practices to help achieve their commitment of an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2025. In line with its ongoing environmental sustainability initiatives, the customer used NVT Phybridge network technologies to prevent over 3,200 pounds of cabling e-waste by leveraging its existing infrastructure.

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