Endpoints & Applications are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Endpoints and Applications are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

We hear a lot of stories from our customers and partners at tradeshows and other events. A common one is of organizations buying hundreds/thousands of IP devices when they have the available budget. However, the organization has yet to address network readiness requirements to support these devices. When they approach the network infrastructure, they discover many challenges and roadblocks that prevent them from modernizing altogether. Therefore, the IP devices remain in server rooms and storage closets for months, sometimes even years, while the organization addresses these requirements.

In the case of New Mexico State University, the team had purchased thousands of IP phones in preparation for its move from analog to IP. Project partners had recommended that the university rip-and-replace its existing voice infrastructure to support the new communication solution. Not only was the network incomplete at the time of purchase, but the network strategy was also unsuccessful. This was the roadblock that led to thousands of phones in storage.

Then the university discovered NVT Phybridge Power over Ethernet (PoE) innovations and changed its network readiness strategy. Using the PoLRE® switch, the customer transformed the existing voice infrastructure, which had effectively supported the current system for years, into an IP backbone. Using this new strategy, New Mexico State University saved over $1 million in infrastructure costs and accelerated the project by three years.

They say you can only see about 10% of an iceberg floating in the ocean. The majority is hidden below the water. As you plan your next digital transformation project, it’s crucial to understand your unique LAN challenges and requirements to support the IP endpoints and applications.

Let us help you create a simple, secure, and cost-effective network to support your IP devices and applications.

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