Introducing the NVT Phybridge CCMT Switch Configuration Tool

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New CCMT Switch Configuration Tool Will Help Customers Simplify Network Management

Building a secure, robust, and simple-to-manage network for organizations looking to deploy IoT endpoints has proven to be a big challenge, given traditional switches’ reach and cable-type limitations. Since the start of NVT Phybridge in 2006, we have strived to deliver simplicity to our partners and end users. Our disruptive long-reach PoE innovations have broken the barriers. In nearly two decades, we have helped thousands of organizations accelerate their digital transformation, simplify network requirements, and improve their investment returns.

We have built our brand and reputation on the delicate balance between innovation, performance, quality, simplicity, and, most importantly – not following the deep-rooted paradigms established by the networking incumbents. Today, we are excited to build upon this legacy with the official release of the CCMT Switch Configuration Tool.

The CCMT Switch Configuration Tool allows users to configure, manage, and upgrade their NVT Phybridge PoE switches from a single application to reduce complexity and network management costs. This tool will help our customers manage switches across multiple locations to improve internal efficiencies while minimizing the risk of human error.

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As John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco Systems and current co-founder of Nile states, traditional industry players have continually added layers of complexity to their products, and many of these organizations have lost sight of the number one consumer desire – simplicity. At NVT Phybridge, delivering simplicity has always been the core of our business. Simplicity for us is delivering network solutions that are purpose-built for the application to increase reliability and protect against advanced cyber-attacks. And now, major players like Nile Secure are addressing the root cause of the customer’s network barriers and are re-focused on delivering excellence through simplicity.

Our long-reach PoE switches overcome the traditional cable type and reach limitations of standard switches, delivering power and data over single-pair UTP, coax, or multi-pair UTP cabling with up to 6,000ft (1,830m) reach. We help our customers find innovative solutions to the pitfalls of traditional networking practices by leveraging new or existing cabling infrastructure to quickly modernize their facilities without high costs, complexity, or disruption.

I want to thank all our employees, partners, and customers for their hard work and dedication to achieving our company mission. We look forward to further supporting the success of our end users with technologies to simplify digital transformation projects.

–         John Croce, CEO, NVT Phybridge

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