Childcare Center Deploys IP Intercom and Access Control Using NVT Phybridge PoE Switches

ONE-TOUCH Leverages Existing Network Infrastructure to Improve the Digital Transformation Project

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  • A childcare center in Brussels, Belgium, wanted to upgrade its existing analogue intercom system and deploy a new IP intercom and access control solution.
  • The customer wanted to avoid the high costs, disruption, and complexity of re-cabling the facility.
  • ONE-TOUCH used NVT Phybridge PoLRE switches to overcome infrastructure barriers and complete the digital transformation project without disruption, downtime, or security concerns.

Digital Transformation Objectives

A childcare center in Brussels, Belgium, wanted to upgrade its existing analogue intercom system with a new IP intercom and access control solution using the existing 2-wire infrastructure. The organization wanted to use internet-connected intercoms and access control devices to improve operations and increase the safety of the childcare facility.


However, with a defined budget and limited tolerance for business disruption, the childcare center wanted to avoid the high costs, complexity, and disruption of removing and replacing its existing cabling infrastructure. Project partners needed to find an innovative solution to overcome the cost and complexity caused by traditional network design philosophies.


Considering the customer’s digital transformation challenges, the reseller partner, ONE-TOUCH, recommended the NVT Phybridge PoLRE switch and helped organize a no-cost, no-obligation proof-of-concept to test the technology on-site. The PoLRE switch delivers fast Ethernet and PoE over single-pair UTP cable with up to 1,200ft (365m) reach, which is four times the reach of standard switches.

After a few simple setup steps, the PoLRE long-reach PoE switch transformed the customer’s existing 2-wire infrastructure into a robust and secure PoE backbone for the IP devices. The customer was impressed and decided to move forward with the digital transformation project.

Digital Transformation Outcomes

ONE-TOUCH used PoLRE switches to deploy the new IP intercom and access control system without tampering with the newly renovated childcare center. PoLRE’s long-reach capabilities enabled devices exactly where they were needed and helped the customer reduce network readiness costs by several thousand Euros. “The PoLRE switch significantly simplified the digital transformation project by reducing the time and cost requirements,” said Vincent Matthys, Director of European Sales & Business Development at NVT Phybridge. “Re-wiring the facility would have been a financial disaster, not to mention the business disruption, network downtime, and security concerns.”

The children’s parents now have access cards to allow only permitted access to the building. “The PoLRE switch was straightforward and fast to deploy without disruption to their operations,” said Olivier Van Tricht, Owner of ONE-TOUCH. “The PoLRE switch’s unique feature set has allowed us to expand our addressable market. We can now help our customers deploy the latest IP solutions without the need to re-cable while delivering power and data over a single cable four times farther than other solutions.”

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