One of the largest US federal government agencies, serving over a million households across multiple locations, was using a variety of outdated less reliable PBX solutions from various vendors. The agency wanted to consolidate all locations to a single IP based VoIP solution from a single vendor. The plan was to deploy a private cloud-based solution and connect all locations to it, allowing them to improve PBX management efficiency, reduce cost and complexity, and centralize monitoring, management, and updating requirements. However, the agency faced a significant barrier to their IP modernization, the local area network infrastructure was not ready and would require a major overhaul.


The customer was operating a variety of aging TDM PBX’s across multiple locations. This was inefficient, and they wanted to modernize to a robust VoIP-based infrastructure solution to improve customer experience, internal communications, and productivity. With no appropriate LAN infrastructure, the agency realized the project would be financially prohibitive, complex, disruptive, and risky. They would need to rip-and-replace all wiring infrastructure, establish PoE switch fabric to power the phones, address IDF closet requirements including power availability, backup power, cooling and rack space in every location. This was a significant barrier to deploying the new solution. The customer needed a simplistic, robust solution that would permit a more graceful upgrade while reducing disruption, cost, complexity, and risk to operations.


The customer was introduced to the NVT Phybridge PoLRE® (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) managed switch, by integrator Optivor Technologies. Using the PoLRE, the customer was immediately able to convert their existing infrastructure into a robust IP platform with power to support the new IP solution. The award-winning PoLRE provided Ethernet and PoE over a single pair of UTP with up to 1,200ft (365m) reach, and, not only transformed the existing infrastructure into a power-packed IP platform but also established a point-to-point voice LAN dedicated to the new phone system.


The NVT Phybridge PoLRE solution immediately solved the customer’s problem, allowing them to modernize from their digital system to IP phones seamlessly, cost-effectively, and with no risk or disruption to operations. As Rob Wynn, Operations Manager at Optivor recalled, “There was literally no disruption, the employees left work one day and returned the next day to a new IP phone. The customer experienced a $1.2 Million savings thanks to the PoLRE switch, which greatly reduced costs to establish a robust, easy to manage PoE backbone to support the IP phones allowing the agency to proceed with the project and allocate more of their budget to IP application driving a better return on investment. The PoLRE eliminated the risks associated with the massive upgrade and allowed the Agency to centralize call control and move to an all IP platform – with the same repeatable, predictable and scalable deployment experience across all locations. Since the installation, there has been no quality of service issues, as Wynn mentions, “I was expecting issues like we usually see with large deployments, but when there were none, I was actually surprised.” “In addition to no day two LAN issues, we were able to fast track the IP modernization given the simplicity, repeatability, and effectiveness of the PoLRE switch offering.” Thanks to NVT Phybridge technology, each location, regardless of size was able to quickly and easily transition to IP phones without risk, disruption, network complexity, and high costs. In addition, the agency was able to upgrade to a PoE backbone in an environmentally responsible manner, repurposing and reusing the existing infrastructure, greatly reducing waste and other negative environmental impacts.

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