NVT Phybridge Case Study: Transportation System

A large transportation system needed to modernize its security system to keep up with modern demands while providing safe and reliable transit. Public transportation is the foundation for building strong, connected communities, and everyone should feel safe traveling to work, school, or their weekend event.

The organization was relying on an outdated analog CCTV security system and decided to modernize to an IP-based solution across its bus terminals and parking lots. To ensure the safety of the 340,000 daily riders, the organization upgraded 110 analog devices to new high-resolution IP cameras. The new security system will deter criminal activity, as well as increase surveillance and recording capabilities.


A project of this magnitude would usually take years to complete, as the traditional upgrade method involves ripping and replacing the network infrastructure to support IP devices. This process would have been extremely costly and disruptive to riders. However, by applying Modern LAN design principles, the organization designed an upgrade plan that would eliminate these concerns.

Using the NVT Phybridge CLEER24 switch, the organization leveraged its existing Coax-based infrastructure to transmit data and power to the IP cameras. The solution eliminated the need to rip-and-replace miles of cabling, reducing deployment time by 90% and saving over $15,000 of taxpayer funds. The CLEER24’s long reach capabilities allowed the customer to connect cameras up to 6,000ft (1,830m) away, providing complete surveillance coverage in the vast open spaces of the bus terminals and parking lots.

Environmental Responsibility

The transportation system is committed to environmental responsibility and continuous improvement. The SmartDriver program provides training to all operators, which is proven to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. The training also teaches operators how to reduce wear and tear on vehicle components, extending their life span and reducing material consumption. When the decision was made to modernize the security system, the organization was concerned about the project’s environmental impact.

Aligned with the organization’s sustainability programs, the security modernization prevented 6,600 pounds of Coax cable from ending up in a landfill. The transportation system also eliminated the need to upgrade the existing server closets, further reducing the project’s e-waste and ongoing energy consumption.

Satisfied with the solution, the transportation system plans to use NVT Phybridge FLEX switch technology to implement a new IP intercom system.

Modern LAN Design

The transportation system took a pro-active approach to find new and better ways to support its digital transformation objectives in a financially and socially responsible manner. By applying Modern LAN principles and leveraging innovative switch technology, the organization saved taxpayer money, eliminated risk and disruption, reduced the negative impact on the environment, fast-tracked the IP modernization, and built a secure and robust platform for the new IP security solution.

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