Large Sports and Recreation Center Uses Modern LAN Principles to Deploy New Axis IP Surveillance System

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Sports Center Changes the Conversation; Leverages Existing Infrastructure to Improve Their IP Modernization Outcomes

A Sports and Recreation Center in Mexico was relying on an outdated security system that could no longer provide the required capabilities. The organization decided to deploy a new Axis IP solution to provide the safest facility for healthy recreation. The center is a place where sports and culture come together to contribute to the physical, intellectual and social development of the community. The organization promotes honesty, diversity, and participation; ensuring everyone can contribute to creating a better world.

One of the organization’s core values is to continuously improve service quality and member experience. However, while planning their IP upgrade, the organization became concerned with establishing the necessary infrastructure to effectively and securely support the new Axis IP surveillance system. The large Sports and Recreation Center is comprised of several indoor and outdoor facilities; including soccer fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, basketball courts, gymnasiums, and multi-purpose rooms. The size and diversity of the facility left the organization concerned with:

  • Extremely high costs to establish new infrastructure in each building – and connect the infrastructure in each building with new fiber-optic cabling
  • Long deployment times to establish the necessary infrastructure and implement the new Axis IP solution
  • Disruption to members and network downtime caused by the network overhaul

Change the Conversation; Improve Your Outcome

Given the customer’s needs, reseller partner, Panaseg, was confident in recommending the NVT Phybridge FLEX24 switch. The customer had used NVT Phybridge products in the past with great success and was confident in the solution. The customer was satisfied and excited to use the FLEX24 switch to leverage their existing infrastructure to simplify the deployment.

After a few simple setup steps, the award-winning FLEX switch transformed the customer’s existing multi-pair infrastructure into a robust and reliable PoE backbone for the new IP communication system. The long-reach capabilities ensured that the organization could support the new Axis IP cameras with up to 2,000ft (610m) reach – 6 times farther than standard PoE switches. By eliminating the rip-and-replace requirement, the Sports Center reduced project costs and disruption while eliminating risk, network complexity, and cybersecurity concerns.

“I highly recommend the FLEX solution from NVT Phybridge”, said Octavio Villa, Sales Director at Panaseg. “NVT Phybridge helps us bring great value to our customers with long reach PoE solutions that can leverage existing infrastructure to support IP. Product quality is great, and the support team is knowledgeable and helpful”.

A Better Return on Investment

The Sports and Recreation Center took a proactive approach to find new and better ways to support their IP modernization objectives in a financially and socially responsible manner. The customer changed the conversation around LAN design to improve their outcome; leveraging Modern LAN principles and NVT Phybridge PoE innovations to:

  • Deploy 250 new Axis IP cameras across the recreation center
  • Reduce the overall deployment time by more than 3 months
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by 50%
  • Avoid installing 7,500 pounds of cable
  • Eliminate the need to install multiple IDF closets
  • Simplify PoE network requirements

Additionally, NVT Phybridge PoE technology helped the partner:

  • Accelerate and increase revenue recognition
  • Collapse sales and deployment cycles
  • Improve their margin
  • Differentiate their market offering with thought leadership and innovation
  • Deliver a great user experience

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