Introducing the NVT Phybridge FLEX24-10G Promotion

FLEX24-10G Promotion

Save up to 15% on the Enterprise-Grade FLEX24-10G Long-Reach PoE Switch

Oakville, October 2023 — NVT Phybridge, a global leader in long-reach Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, is excited to introduce its FLEX24-10G Promotion. Receive up to 15% off the industry-leading FLEX24-10G switch at participating distributors from January 2, 2024, to June 30, 2024 – or while stocks last. Click here to see the full list of participating distributors and to learn more about the promotion.

Organizations worldwide use the FLEX24-10G switch to improve digital transformation projects, simplifying network readiness requirements to enable IP phones, IP cameras, access control terminals, WiFi access points, IP intercom, and other IEEE-compliant devices.

FLEX24-10G Key Benefits

  • Improve digital transformation ROI by eliminating the need for costly infrastructure upgrades or unnecessary requirements due to traditional switch reach and cable type limitations.
  • Eliminate the need for costly IDF closets and PoE repeaters: Extend power and data to previously unattainable distances, enabling endpoint connectivity in remote locations and challenging environments.
  • Ensure network uptime and deliver a better customer experience by using advanced power management capabilities, including per-port PoE control, PoE negotiation and voltage control, load balancing, power redundancy, and live power monitoring.
  • Establish fast and reliable connections without risk, complexity, or unnecessary business disruption.
  • Contribute to sustainability objectives by minimizing project e-waste or unnecessary additional technologies, reducing the environmental impact of digital transformation projects.
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership by using the free CCMT Switch Configuration Tool to manage your NVT Phybridge managed switches. Automate switch management and perform actions in bulk, upgrade switch firmware to reduce network management and administrative complexity, and improve business continuity by reducing network downtime.

Join our growing community of satisfied customers, including the Toronto Transit Commission, who used FLEX24-10G switches to enable over 1,500 IP intercom devices across 75 subway stations without unnecessary network readiness costs, complexity, or business disruption. The FLEX24-10G switch delivers up to 50 Watts of power (PoE++) and 10/100/1000 Mbps symmetrical, full-duplex, over 2 or 4 pair UTP (unshielded twisted pairs) cabling with up to 2,000ft (610m) reach – six times farther than standard switches.

Click here to learn more about the FLEX24-10G Promotion, view the full list of participating distributors, and register your project with us to receive additional discounts.

About NVT Phybridge

NVT Phybridge is a global leader in long-reach Power over Ethernet switches and extender solutions. They help organizations simplify and accelerate IP migration projects by eliminating costly infrastructure requirements. NVT Phybridge Power over Ethernet switches and extenders provides Ethernet and PoE up to 24 times farther than standard switches. Unlike other networking solutions that require the implementation of the latest network cabling, NVT Phybridge PoE solutions leverage any new or existing unshielded twisted pair (UTP), coax, or 2-wire infrastructure to enable IP devices up to 70% faster, delivering incredible ROI without the high costs, complexity, or disruption of a major network overhaul.

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