Energy Corporation Deployed IP Voice Using the NVT Phybridge PoLRE Switch

NVT Phybridge Case Study: Energy Corporation

An Energy Corporation wanted to modernize its communication platform at one of its U.S. manufacturing plants. The customer wanted to become 100% IP by upgrading to the latest IP telephony solution.

After an assessment of the customer’s environment, it was determined that many phones were connected using cables that ran through “hot zones”. Hot zones indicated areas of the facility that were affected by radiation. This became a major obstacle to becoming 100% IP as all equipment in the radiated areas was completely hands-off and no new supporting infrastructure could be installed. The customer did not want to move forward with the project unless they could find a solution that would allow them to upgrade every phone in the facility.

Power over Ethernet Innovation

The customer discovered the NVT Phybridge PoLRE switch and decided to participate in a no-obligation proof of concept to test the solution in their live environment. After a few simple setup steps, the PoLRE switch transformed the existing cable runs in the radiated zones into a robust power-packed IP platform, capable of supporting the new IP phones up to 1,200ft (365m) away – that’s 4Xs the reach of standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches.

“The NVT Phybridge PoLRE solution was the perfect fit for the customer. It allowed us to leverage the existing cables running through the hot zones to support the new IP phones, eliminating the barriers caused by radiation”, said Joey Bruce, UC Consulting Systems Engineer. “PoLRE allowed us to provide the exact amount of bandwidth and PoE well beyond the 300ft reach limitations of standard switches.”

The customer was able to become 100% IP – deploying over 2,400 new IP phones throughout the entire facility. “Four years later the customer is still using the PoLRE switches, which have been extremely reliable and simple to manage”, said Adam Colwell, CBTS Unified Communications Engineer.

A Better Return on Investment

The customer took a proactive approach to find new and better ways to support its digital transformation objectives in a financially and socially responsible manner. The customer used NVT Phybridge PoE switches to fast-track its IP deployment, establish a secure point-to-point LAN topology, and save thousands of dollars on infrastructure that can be reallocated to ROI-driving devices and applications.

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