St. John’s Communities Upgrades to IP Telephony Using NVT Phybridge PoE Solutions



St. John’s Home had an older, non-supported Mitel PBX with 80 Admin digital phones and 400 analog sets. St. John’s Meadows had an older, non-supported Nortel solution with 44 Digital Admin sets and 300 residential lines that the local LEC supports that the residents pay for telephone service independently of the PBX. This project’s scope was to provide an MPLS network to integrate the two properties on one platform with St. John’s Home as the Host site. Rel Comm, the reseller, proposed to upgrade the Mitel PBX at St. John’s Home to a Mitel 3300; Rel Comm also proposed to replace the voice mail system along with the Nortel system at St. John’s Meadows with an additional Mitel 3300 system. St. John’s Communities had a budget to accommodate these upgrades, including updating the Digital sets to IP phones. Still, they did not have the money to update the cable infrastructure and power requirements that were needed for the new VoIP sets.


Rel Comm recommended an NVT Phybridge PoE switch for the 44 new IP sets for the St. John’s Meadows location and an NVT Phybridge unit for 10 IP sets at St. John’s Home to accommodate the IT staff. St. John’s Communities has since budgeted to add additional NVT Phybridge units to fulfill the remaining 70 Admin phone convergence from digital to IP sets.


Adding the NVT Phybridge units allowed Rel Comm and the St. John’s IT staff to complete the initial stage of this project within their original budget. The costs of the NVT Phybridge units were within the budget for PoE Switches and allowed this project to go forward. This would not have been possible if the only option had been re-cabling the facilities and the high cost this would incur. NVT Phybridge’s technical support helped to solidify Rel Comm’s choice of NVT Phybridge solution—the faith Rel Comm put in the staff of NVT Phybridge was the right choice. Since the deployment, there have been no quality issues, and the IT staff from St. John’s Communities is highly pleased with the NVT Phybridge solution. “We have had no call quality issues since deployment, and we are extremely pleased with the NVT Phybridge solution,” – IT Manager, St. John’s Home.

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