Vermont Law School Leverages its Existing Infrastructure to Deploy IP Communication



The combination of old and new architecture presented real challenges for Vermont Law School in maintaining a reliable IT infrastructure that allowed employees and students in each of the 19 buildings to stay connected. It was not uncommon for the school to experience power outages from 3 hours to 3 days. With so many students on campus at any given time, concern was growing that increased power outages, combined with an IT infrastructure that couldn’t communicate well between buildings, was unacceptable. Even 911 dispatch capabilities were unavailable across all the phones or building locations.

The historic buildings were equipped with copper wiring, and knocking down walls to re-cable these heritage facilities was not an option. Vermont Law was looking for a networking solution that could support the migration to IP communications in an economically-viable manner. Given the multiple buildings and unique features of a campus environment, they were looking for a solution to enable a quick and straightforward IP migration.


Vermont Law School’s Director of Technology, Jeanne Eicks, was introduced to the NVT Phybridge solution and immediately related to the value proposition. NVT Phybridge provides the only network switch to deliver power and data over a single pair of telephone-grade wire with four times the reach of traditional data switches. She consolidated all the switches in a single location to support the endpoints in all buildings, significantly reducing cost, risk, and disruption. “NVT Phybridge allowed us to adopt a modern technology in a situation in which we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise,” says Jeanne. “NVT Phybridge proved to be the only solution on the market that could allow us to meet our objectives.”


With its signature ease of deployment, the NVT Phybridge solution was up and running in just five hours, connecting all the phones on campus through the central switch in the school’s communications room. The resulting centralized power provides sustainability to the previously unreliable system. Vermont Law School used the NVT Phybridge solution to migrate to IP Telephony and Unified Communications easily. The school’s mandate is “to educate students in a diverse community that fosters personal growth and enables them to attain outstanding professional skills and high ethical values to serve as lawyers and other professionals in an increasingly technological and interdependent global society.” With the NVT Phybridge solution, Vermont Law School is fulfilling that mandate by becoming a more technologically-advanced campus.

Campus environments typically have connectivity between buildings, supporting their current telephony solution. NVT Phybridge provides solutions that can transform existing infrastructure into an ideal platform for IP Telephony, significantly reducing cost, risk, and complexity. The standard topology across all buildings allowed for a repeatable, predictable, and scalable experience, regardless of the number of endpoints. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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