UTP Video Passive Transmitter +12VDC Converter

NV-226J-PV Video Transmitter +12VDC Converter


The NV-226J-PV Video Transmitter +12VDC Converter is a passive (non-amplified) video transmitter combined with a 24VAC-to-12VDC converter. Designed to fit on the back of a fixed 12 VDC camera, this unit is architected to convert 24VAC power from the control room, while delivering real-time baseband (composite) video at extended distances, all over one 4-pair UTP cable.

The unparalleled interference rejection and low emissions of the NV-226J-PV allows video and low- voltage power to coexist within the same 4-pair cable, using structured (EIA 568B) wiring practices. It is recommended that the 24VAC not share the same jacketed wire bundle with telecom or datacom signals.

The NV-226J-PV carries a limited lifetime warranty, is UL and cUL listed, and is CE, WEEE, and RoHs compliant.

Tech Specs
  • Extended distance camera power and video routed through UTP and RJ45
  • Supports 12VDC cameras with onboard regulated power
  • Use with NVT’s PVD™ Power Supply Hubs and Cable Integrators
  • Up to 3000ft (1km) with a NVT DigitalEQ™ Active Receiver (see Power Distance Calculator)
  • Up to 1500ft (460m) with a NVT StubEQ™ Hub (see Power Distance Calculator)
  • Up to 700ft (225m) with a an NVT Passive Hub or Transmitter
  • Exceptional interference rejection
  • Frequency Response DC to 10 MHz
  • Built-in transient protection
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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