PoLRE LPC-Port Unmanaged Switch

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PoLRE LPC Port Unmanaged POE Switch

The plug and play PoLRE (Power over Long Reach Ethernet) LPC switch is an 8 port unmanaged ethernet switch. This powerful switch delivers ethernet and PoE over a single pair of wire with 1,200 ft (365 m) reach.

PoLRE was designed to make the modernization to IP quick, easy and cost effective by leveraging an existing single pair UTP infrastructure. Benefits include:

  • Accelerating your return on investment by reducing infrastructure costs;
  • Collapsing planning and deployment time;
  • Eliminating infrastructure barriers, risks, disruption and costs;
  • Creating a robust IP platform that is easy to configure, deploy and manage.

Unlike other Ethernet switch technologies, the PoLRE LPC switch offers:

Speed, Reach and Power

The LPC delivers 10 Mbps (symmetrical, full duplex) and PoE over a single pair of UTP with 1,200 ft (365 m) reach. It is designed to support IP Phones and other IEEE compliant devices. There is no reduction in bandwidth speed based on longer distances.

Simple Deployment

PoLRE LPC was designed to make it simple for small businesses or distributed enterprise to simplify their IP modernization. No network configuration required.


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