1701+ Base Extender | PoE+ Over Coax, Single Pair UTP, or 2 Wire Cabling

1701+ Base PoE Adapter


The NVT Phybridge 1701+ Extender is designed to supercharge the downlink ports of a standard Ethernet switch, delivering up to 420Mbps and PoE+ over Coax, single pair UTP or 2 wire infrastructures with reach of up to 8,000ft (2.4km) on RG6. That’s 24X the reach of standard Ethernet switches, removing the costs and disruptions associated with multiple IDF location requirements.

Use the 1701+ Extender solution to connect IP & IoT devices to new or existing Coax, UTP, or 2 wire cabling infrastructure to deliver optimal performance while saving cost, time, and environmental e-waste. Additionally, cost savings realized by using the 1701+ Extender solution can enable system designers to transfer budget and resources towards higher-quality applications and IEEE 802.3at/af compliant devices, including IP-enabled phones, cameras, access control, speakers, lighting, and more!