32-Channel Power Supply StubEQ™ Active Receiver Hub

32-Channel Power Supply Stubeq Active Receiver Hub


The 32-channel NV-32PS42-PVD is a key hybrid component that consolidates all CCTV system cabling using standard EIA/TIA 568B structured building wiring. Designed for installation in the IDF/Telecom Closet or MDF/Equipment Room, Power Supply StubEQ™ Active Receiver Hubs have individual floating 28VAC outputs that support at-distance camera loads up to 0.5 Amp per channel for cable runs up to 1,500ft (460m). A built-in StubEQ™ video receiver hub ensures a zero loss video signal for connection into a DVR or IP encoder. Standard features include: automatic-reset fault protection, transient protection, ground loop free individually floating outputs and per-channel diagnostics. All NVT products are UL and cUL listed, are compliant with CE, RoHS, WEEE, and come with NVT’s lifetime warranty.

Tech Specs
  • Provides Class 2 SELV 28 VAC with up to 0.5 Amp/channel while receiving video transmission and delivering P/T/Z telemetry, all over a single 4-pair Cat5 cable for each camera
  • Features 32-Channels with one video output per channel
  • Full motion CCTV video at distances up to 1,500ft (460m) when used with any passive NVT transceiver
  • Adaptive StubEQ™ fully automatic 2-band equalization provides adjustment free equalization everytime, no manual adjustments required
  • Frequency Response DC to 10 MHz
  • Automatic-reset fault protection; transient protection
  • Individually floating power outputs and differential video inputs ensure total ground-loop immunity
  • Diagnostic LEDs show load/no load, miswires, overload conditions,and video status
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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