4 Channel Cable Passive Integrator

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NV-704J-PVD-NVT Phybridge 4 Channel Power Supply Cable Passive Integrator Hub


Typically installed in the Wiring Closet or IDF room, the NV-704J-PVD is a passive “pass-through” wiring device that efficiently consolidates camera power, video, and pan/tilt/zoom telemetry data onto a minimum of 4-pair RJ45 cables.

Power, video and data are converted at the camera using a PVD™ transceiver which utilizes a single 4-pair cable with RJ45 connectors to deliver each camera’s signals to the NV-704J-PVD. Up to four cameras are supported. The NV-704J-PVD receives low-voltage camera power from any third-party Class 2 power supply. Control Room video connections are achieved with a single 4-pair RJ45 cable. P/T/Z telemetry data, if required, passes through a second 4-pair RJ45 cable and delivers P/T/Z telemetry. Control Room connections may be made using any multi-channel NVT receiver or hub. All equipment employs industry-standard EIA/TIA 568B pinouts.